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Amato Sanita Philadelphia Office

Below, Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Amato Sanita talks about the value of hiring a local attorney and where you can find him to discuss your case. To learn more call today and schedule a consultation.

My law office is located conveniently in the Bourse Building, in the old city section of Philadelphia at approximately 4th and Market Streets.  The actual address is 111 South Independence Mall East, that’s the Bourse Building 592A Philadelphia PA 19106.

​We are conveniently located via bus line, via subway line, via train line, all within two blocks of our office and there’s ample on street or garage parking for any individuals wishing to meet with us.

What is the Value of Hiring a Local Attorney?

​The value of hiring a local attorney simply is knowing the system, knowing the courts, knowing the judges, knowing the prosecutors, and knowing what will and will not work to successfully defend a case in a particular courtroom. Simply put that is the value of hiring a local Philadelphia criminal defense attorney.

What Should Someone Do If They Are Charged With a Crime in Philadelphia But Live in Another Part of the State?

​A person. regardless of where their residence is, should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia to deal with any criminal or traffic matter in Philadelphia proper. A local attorney in Philadelphia can be the most effective way of defending a case because of the local courts, the local prosecutors, and the local system.

So, regardless from what jurisdiction an individual is from whether it’d be in state, out of state, another country, hiring a local Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer to handle a local Philadelphia case in Philadelphia or its surrounding counties is the most important part of the defense of any criminal case for any individual.

Where Are Criminal Cases in Philadelphia Typically Heard?

​Criminal cases in Philadelphia depending on the type of case we’re dealing with are typically heard in four locations. The first being a federal case, a person charged federally, their case would be handled at the James A. Byrne US Courthouse located at 6th and Market St. in the old city section of Philadelphia.

Secondly, for adult criminal matters, they would be heard at the Juanita Kidd Stout Criminal Justice Center and that’s located at 1301 Filbert St. in Philadelphia in Center City.

Next, for juvenile criminal cases, they would be heard at 1501 Arch St. in Philadelphia in the Center City section of the city in the new family courthouse. And lastly, the Philadelphia Traffic Court is located conveniently at 800 Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia which is in the Center City in Northern Liberties section of the city.