Criminal Defense Attorney

Building a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

When a person is facing a criminal charge, they will want the services of an experienced attorney. There are many factors a person should consider when choosing an attorney that the person feels is right for them and their case. One of the most important factors to consider is how lawyers interact with their clients. We believe that developing a strong relationship between an attorney and their client is key to successful representation.

Questions to Ask During the Initial Consultation

The most important part of the initial intake process is to develop a bond between the attorney and client in such a way that a trust between the parties can be effectuated.

building a strong attorney-client relationshipFirst and foremost, it is important for a person to inform their attorney about their personal background. Both parties need to develop a bond so they feel that they can develop trust and communication between them.

Questions Clients Frequently Ask

Clients usually ask about what is going to happen to them and whether their case will be resolved in a positive manner. Although these are reasonable questions, an attorney cannot answer them unless they have investigated and researched the manner. This preparation will allow the attorney to present the client with a defense strategy.

Once an initial investigation is conducted, an attorney can sit down and discuss what is applicable to the case. This will allow the attorney to understand the client’s feelings, so they can be taken into account.

Working with a Private Criminal Defense Lawyer

Private criminal defense lawyers and public defenders are both qualified to represent a person who is facing criminal charges. However a private criminal defense lawyer often has a lighter case load, which allows for the individual and their case to receive more attention. A private criminal defender may be able to focus solely on a person’s case and no other cases at a given time.

When a public defender’s office is involved in a matter, even though they may be excellent attorneys, they have hundreds of cases on their docket that require the same amount of time and preparation. There is only so much time in a day. The more complicated the case, the more the case should be handled by a private attorney who the client can deal with directly.

Often, especially in Philadelphia, the same public defender will not remain on the case from beginning to end. An attorney on the private level will have the same attorney involved in the case throughout the entire process.

Advantages Private Defense Attorneys Can Bring to a Case?

Private defense attorneys have the ability to treat their clients in a more personalized fashion. They are able to strategize on a more personalized level and defend the case in a more focused manner. When numbers are considered, a private attorney can spend more time investigating and counseling their client in ways that a public defender office simply cannot. This additional time can help a person to build a strong relationship with their attorney. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment with a private criminal defense lawyer.