Legally Purchasing a Gun in Chester County

When purchasing a firearm in Chester County one should make sure they understand the rules that govern possession, ownership and actually transporting the firearm. They should never simply limit the knowledge of requirements for owning such a firearm to the knowledge given to them from the location they purchased the firearm. For instance, if an individual were to purchase a firearm at a legal gun store, a legal gun store may give the person general advice on how to handle their firearm with the requisite regulations of Pennsylvania.

However, they must understand that first and foremost, the gun shop is trying to sell them a firearm in order to make a profit. Therefore, that information that is given to them must be checked and double checked to ensure its veracity. And third, if any questions arise as to permissible uses for such firearm, a person must immediately reach out to an experienced Chester County gun lawyer. These are individuals that deal with thousands of gun cases on a yearly basis and every possible scenario has crossed their desks. Reaching out to the right people and getting the right advice is the only way to ensure the right results.

Lawfully Carrying a Firearm in Chester County

In Chester County, a person holding a valid registration that allows them to carry a concealed weapon and/or a firearm in a vehicle can do so at any time they have the firearm. The only contingency is that if ever confronted by police, the person must immediately show their license to carry registration card and/or identification. Under those circumstances, a person can carry such firearm concealed on their person everywhere including cities of the first class such as Philadelphia and areas around Pittsburgh.

Chester County Reciprocity in Nearby Jurisdictions

Chester County has reciprocity with other counties throughout Pennsylvania involving gun and carry laws. The only difference with Chester County, as opposed to other counties, is that you must be a resident of Chester County in order to apply for a license in Chester County. That license is good throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania and even in major cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, once state lines are crossed, the license is no longer valid and different rules come into play.

Gun Violation Penalties

In Chester County, it is an enormous advantage to have an experienced gun lawyer on your side when charged with any such gun offense and/or crime related to a gun offense, even in cases where a person is lawfully in possession of a firearm. For instance, if they have a license but the allegations are that they used it illegally, those individuals face a severe penalty starting at three and one-half to seven years’ incarceration and a $15,000.00 fine. These penalties even get higher when a person is not otherwise authorized to have such a firearm; in such a case they face a minimum of 5 to 10-years and a $25,000.00 fine, Thus, whatever the maximum sentence for the other charge is in addition to the 5 to 10-years. When you are a suspect being investigated for possession of a firearm or any other crime involving a firearm or another charge related to the firearm, it is essential that at the earliest stages you obtain the services of an experienced attorney.