If you have been arrested and ended up in jail in Philadelphia County, chances are you are somewhere on State Road, which houses four main correctional facilities. The facilities include Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF), Philadelphia Institution of Corrections (PICC), the House of Corrections (HOC), and the women’s jail Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF). Often, individuals are stuck in jail on State Road when they are unable to post bail or are held without bail.

Immediately following an arrest, it is best to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney. They could explain how to post bail in Philadelphia.

Rules for Posting Bail

The length of time in which an individual will be released from jail is dependent on the severity and nature of the crimes they are charged with. For less serious criminal offenses, bail can be established quickly through a schedule. In other cases, a judge will set bail in a bond hearing. Within Pennsylvania law, there are five different ways to post bail.

Release on Recognizance (ROR):

The first way to post bail in Philadelphia is called release on recognizance (ROR). If the defendant is neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community, they can post bail by signing a document promising to attend all court hearings associated with the case.

Release on Non-Monetary Conditions:

Release on non-monetary conditions is similar to ROR releases. The defendant will not have to post bail by monetary means but must abide by some conditions set forward by the court, such as attendance of educational courses or following travel restrictions.

Unsecured release:

A defendant given unsecured release is not required to pay upfront to post bail but agrees to fines in the case that they do not attend court hearings associated with the case.

Nominal bail

A defendant posting nominal bail requires them to finance a premium of ten percent of the total bail amount to be released.

Release on a Monetary Condition

The state will set monetary bail at the lowest amount necessary to ensure attendance at court hearings, paid directly to the court in cash, or by way of pledging property.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help with Posting Bail

A seasoned defense lawyer could help represent and protect a person’s interests while they are in jail. By taking the time to visit and talk to them, a criminal attorney could gather all the relevant information related to the investigation for any pre-trial motions. Price Benowitz LLP understands the arrest process and the steps to post bail in Philadelphia. He could help individuals post bail as well as help them with their criminal case. If you have been charged and arrested for a criminal offense, call today to discuss your legal rights and options.