Philadelphia Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation is most commonly known as an intent to request sexual favors from another person for money. An accusation may cause confusion and embarrassment. But if have been accused of solicitation, stay calm. No matter the involved factors, it is important to take an aggressive stand in order to defend yourself. There may be many opportunities to protect your reputation, freedom, and pocketbook.

Even if you are not worried about the immediate impact of an accusation, there may be long-reaching negative outcomes, which an experienced defense attorney may be able to help with.

A Philadelphia solicitation lawyer could help you decide on the best course of action. Instead of facing the unknown, a representative may be able to explain the laws to you, the most likely outcome and the most effective ways to minimize or even avoid some or all of the consequences that could arise from an accusation.

Solicitation Laws in Philadelphia

The law in Pennsylvania makes it a crime to attempt to solicit sex or sexual favors from another person in exchange for money. The police could arrest someone if there is evidence of some intent to do this by word, conduct, or other action showing intent. Requesting money in exchange for the sexual favor is also solicitation.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly defined the act of solicitation and other acts related to prostitution in Section 5902, Title 18. It is also a form of solicitation to encourage another person to hire a prostitute. Another way to say this is that it is illegal to operate as a “pimp.” For more information about the laws regarding solicitation, contact a knowledgeable solicitation attorney in Philadelphia.

Solicitation of a Minor

Solicitation of a minor is a much more serious offense. The offense, also known as the corruption of a minor related to a sexual offense, is defined in Section 6301, Chapter 63.

A violation is a third-degree felony and the government may punish an act with at least ten years in prison and perhaps a fine of $10,000. If the adult actually carries out the sexual act, that is a separate crime. The police may investigate a person’s computer hard drive and search history to use as evidence.

Punishment for Solicitation

The severity of the punishment depends on the number of offenses committed by one person. The government punishes a first or second offense as a third-degree misdemeanor. The government punishes a third offense as a second-degree misdemeanor. After the fourth offense, the government may punish any act as a first-degree misdemeanor.

If a person knowingly engaged in solicitation and had AIDS or HIV, the government could punish that act as a third-degree felony.

If the government convicts a person of a sexual crime, the government will also place that person on the sex offender register. In some circumstances, it can be impossible to be removed from that list. The penalties for solicitation are severe, therefore, defendants should reach out to a dedicated Philadelphia solicitation lawyer.

Speak with a Philadelphia Solicitation Attorney

It can be scary to have your freedom at risk, but the potential lifelong consequences related to crimes of a sexual nature should give anyone pause. Though it can be difficult to predict the outcome of any criminal charge, your odds may be better if you enlist the services of a knowledgeable attorney.

A representative could help you build a plan for defense and may be able to help you mitigate the results from an accusation. If the police have threatened you with a charge of solicitation, consider speaking with a Philadelphia solicitation lawyer. You may be able to sit down and explain your situation and your representative could help you prepare in the best way possible.