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Relationships can be complicated. There can be misunderstandings and disputes which can lead to further conflict. When the police are involved, the situation needs to be taken seriously. The Philadelphia police department receives more than 100,000 calls related to domestic violence and the Philadelphia family courts issue more than 12,000 Protective Orders each year, according to Women Against Abuse.

Obviously, this is an issue that affects many families. If you believe you are involved in such a matter, you may require the services of a Philadelphia domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic violence includes criminal acts, such as assault and battery and abuse of children. Family courts may issue orders of protection. Any charges may have drastic effects on divorce or custody issues. Considering the sensitive nature of domestic violence, a seasoned criminal attorney may be vital to figure out the safest course of action.

Order of Protection

If a person petitions the court for an order of protection, the court may order that the actor refrain from contacting the other party and any minor children, move out of the residential home, pay support, give up any firearms, pay the harmed individual for any costs related to the alleged abuse and the pursuit of an order of protection. The government defined this rule in Pennsylvania General Assembly Section 6108, Title 23.

If someone violates an order of protection, the government can issue civil and criminal penalties, including making the violator pay the other party’s attorney’s fees. If the court finds someone guilty of criminal contempt, the punishment may be up to six months in jail a fine of up to $1,000. Violating a protective order carries severe penalties, therefore, it is essential for defendants to seek the services of a seasoned Philadelphia domestic violence attorney.

Abuse of Family

The state General Assembly defines abuse of family as:

  • Causing physical injury or performing some sexual criminal act against a family member
  • Putting a family member in fear of immediate harm
  • Falsely imprisoning a family member
  • Causing physical or sexual abuse to minor children
  • Stalking another person or doing other acts that put the household member in reasonable fear of harm

Household members mean current or past spouses, people who live or lived together, people related by blood and children and parents as defined in the Pennsylvania General Assembly Section 6102, Title 23.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

Pennsylvania does not have separate laws dealing specifically with domestic violence. If the police show up to a situation where someone alleged domestic violence occurred, the police may arrest someone without a warrant as long as the police have “probable cause” to believe someone committed a felony.

Probable cause can include observing injury to the alleged harmed individual. The police may also arrest someone if the police believe that person violated an order of protection.

Some common felonies related to domestic violence include:

  • Simple or aggravated assault
  • Endangerment without regard to human safety
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Stalking
  • Strangling
  • Threats of immediate harm (terroristic threats)

Speak to a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer in Philadelphia for more information regarding domestic violence charges.

Consult With a Philadelphia Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is an issue that deeply affects society today, which means that the judicial system aggressively combats any hint of a problem. No matter how minor you may believe your issue to be, the long-reaching effects of a charge may be traumatic.

Consider consulting an attorney for information about the process, what other possible negative consequences may flow from an accusation and how the lawyer would recommend you go forward. Many elements related to domestic abuse and orders of protection are time sensitive.

Do not delay in seeking representative to ensure what may be the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Call a Philadelphia domestic violence lawyer today.

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