Delaware County Criminal Lawyer

A Delaware County criminal lawyer can help those who have been accused of violating the law. An accusation does not always lead to a conviction, and an attorney can help a person determine whether they should plead not guilty or negotiate a plea agreement. Working with an experienced lawyer when faced with criminal charges can provide a person with the advice and guidance needed to protect their rights. A person should call an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania as soon as possible after an arrest.

Benefits of a Delaware County Criminal Lawyer

criminal lawyer in delaware countyEveryone is entitled to due process of the law, which means a fair trial before being convicted of a criminal offense. However, the criminal justice system in the United States has many complex rules, and it can often difficult to ensure that someone’s constitutional rights are fully protected.

While the Fourth Amendment protects a person from an illegal search, they will need to motion the court and make a legal argument about why evidence should be suppressed if police acted inappropriately. There are rules for when and how to petition the court and it is up to the defense to show that a person’s constitutional rights were violated.

This is just one of many times a lawyer may be necessary to help make certain a person gets a fair outcome when accused of a crime. A Delaware County criminal lawyer can assist at every step of the case, from exercising the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to ensuring that a person is not convicted unless a prosecutor proves a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

A criminal conviction, even for a minor offense, can change the course of a person’s life, and so they need to do the best they can to get the charges dismissed or get a not guilty verdict. A Delaware County criminal lawyer will use their background and legal experience to help a person fight for their future.

Facing Criminal Charges in Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the various types of criminal charges are detailed in Chapter 18 of the Pennsylvania Code. In general, charges and their potential penalties correspond to the perceived severity of the alleged crime. More serious crimes are generally charged as felonies, which often carry harsh fines and/or the possibility for lengthy incarceration. Less serious crimes, on the other hand, are usually classified as misdemeanors.

Although the consequences for a misdemeanor conviction are normally not as severe as those that accompany a felony conviction, they still come with a criminal record and can impact many aspects of everyday life.

A Delaware County criminal lawyer can help clients regardless of the severity of the charges in question.

An effective defense strategy depends on a lawyer’s ability to investigate the details of their case, so a person should be sure to speak with an attorney as soon as possible if they have been charged or suspect that they are being investigated for a crime.

Contact a Delaware County Criminal Lawyer Today

When a person takes a chance on their future by trying to handle a criminal case alone, it can have serious consequences. Not every attorney has the experience to deal with a particular person’s issues. Retaining an attorney familiar with criminal cases in Delaware County who has the knowledge and experience to help a person face charges is the best way to protect their liberty and rights. A person should call an experienced Delaware County criminal lawyer today to get the legal assistance needed to protect their constitutional rights, their reputation, and their freedom.