Bucks County Drug Laws

There are strict Bucks County drug laws, when someone breaks these regulations, they can face immediate and serious consequences. Any behavior involving drugs, in particular drugs that are illegal, is treated in a very serious way by local authorities and prosecutors in the courts. The most focused-on type of behavior is the use of an unlawful drug or prescription drugs by those unauthorized to use them as well as the sale, manufacture, and/or transferring of such drugs. When dealing with mere possession cases, individuals in Bucks County can receive up to one-year incarceration and a $2,500 fine.

If you are facing drug-related offenses, it is important to speak with a seasoned drug lawyer who can help you build a strong defense case. They understand Bucks County drug laws and can ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Prohibited Drug Behaviors

In most cases when mere drug possession or use is involved and no other violent crimes are attached to that charge, sentences can be mitigated. This could mean allowing individuals to attend diversionary programs and drug treatment programs that can protect their record. However, when dealing with possessing the same drugs with the intent to deliver and/or manufacture these drugs, crimes are punished much more harshly. Possession with intent to deliver unlawful narcotics in Bucks County is a felony. This type of felony can carry as much as 10 years in jail and a $100,000 fine for each instance of delivery. When individuals are treated merely as dealers and not users, the courts find little to no mitigation when dealing with their cases.

Illegal Drugs

In Bucks County as well as in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania inclusively, any drug that is defined as a Schedule 1 through 4 drugs by the Pennsylvania Controlled Substances Act is considered a controlled substance and is illegal. Additionally, prescription drugs that are in the hands or being manufactured or transferred by those not authorized to do so are also considered controlled substances. The most common controlled substances are cocaine, marijuana, heroin and other illicit street drugs. Additionally, among the most common prescription drugs that are abused and/or manufactured or used without a prescription are drugs such as Percocet, Suboxone or Xanax. These are the type of drugs that are most commonly prosecuted and recovered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Exceptions to the Laws

At the current time, there are no exceptions to the use and/or possession or manufacture of illicit street drugs. This also includes marijuana, which is simply not legal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  A prescription for marijuana which might be had from other states is not legal in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Thus, there are no exceptions when dealing with illicit drugs. However, when dealing with prescription drugs, the exception to the rule is that the individual who has the drug has it in their possession in a legal fashion. There are no exceptions to Bucks County drug laws. That is, they have obtained a prescription from an individual who is licensed to give a prescription and filed that prescription and thus it is in their possession. However, please note that the transfer of prescription narcotics, whether or not obtained legally, to an individual who is not otherwise authorized to have them is also treated as a felony possession with intent to deliver.