Possession of Firearms in Bucks County

The process to legally possess a firearm by an lawful person in Bucks County is not a daunting experience. It is merely purchasing a firearm legally with the right requirements being followed, the right paperwork being held, and the right laws also going to need to play. A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand the laws surrounding the possession of firearms in Bucks County.

Once the firearm is purchased lawfully by a law-abiding citizen must follow all means of transporting it properly, storing it properly and using it properly. As long as those rules are being followed, it is not a daunting experience. On the other hand, for individuals who falsified documents or put together false information to obtain such firearms, such as draw purchases,  then those individuals face severe consequences and severe incarceration sentences.

Lawfully Carrying a Gun in Bucks County

Each individual has constitutional rights to possess a firearm as long as the individual follows the local requirements, date requirements and any federal requirements for having such firearm. A license is required for someone to carry a firearm is concealed on their person or vehicle, the person must have a license for such. If the person is hunting and/or acting in such a capacity they are expected to hold a license and follow the associated possession laws are followed, an individual can possess, and/or use a firearm in a lawful fashion.

A person should always avoid publicly brandishing the firearm during an argument and/or other disturbing circumstances. A firearm should never be taken to a local bar establishment or any other location where it can be taken from the individual and used in an unlawful way. A possessor of a firearm is responsible for when it is being used, how it is being carried, and how it is being stored. Should the individual neglect one of those duties, that person can be held responsible to some degree if anything occurs with such firearm.

Required Steps

A person must be a law-abiding citizen and not excluded from having a firearm because of any prior convictions with the law, mental incapacity or drug and alcohol problems. A person is required to fill out materials or affidavits supporting that they are a proper individual to purchase such firearm.

Once that is filled out, the firearm can be purchased at a local legal gun store location. Once the background check goes through and the person is approved and the person then purchases a firearm, all requirements for the purchase, transport,and use of a firearm must be followed. However, if an individual makes any misleading statements on the forms or information, they will be prosecuted for felony offense.

Carrying a Firearm

A person holding a valid registration for a firearm can carry a firearm in Bucks County so long as they are a law-abiding citizen and not precluded from having a firearm and if the firearm is not concealed on their person.

However, if the firearm is concealed or in a vehicle, that firearm then must be held by a person with a valid carry or concealed license to carry such firearm.

Necessary Documentation

A person who legally possesses a firearm in Bucks County needs to purchase paperwork on such a firearm and any other documents, such as a license to carry, which should be carried on the individual at all times. This is an identifying factor for law enforcement so that if questioned, an individual will be required to provide those documentations to a police officer for verification on lawful possession of a firearm in Bucks County.

]This documentation should be carried at all times, and even though it may be difficult on occasion to have one, it protects a person’s rights when such documentation is easily provided to the police. This will make matters easier to deal with, should an officer encounter a person with a firearm.

Additionally, it often presents other crimes or other incidences from getting blown out of proportion; when a person is stopped in a motor vehicle and presents this information to a police officer, immediately it then will

  • Make the stop lawful and that the officer understands if the person has a legal firearm, and
  • Takes away the risk or surprise that an officer often encounters after a search when the individual has a firearm on their person, hand or a vehicle.

How An Attorney Can Help

The possession of firearms in Bucks County is acceptable under certain circumstances. In order to make sure you are fulfilling all requirements, meet with an experienced lawyer to discuss local laws and nuances when it comes to owning and carrying the firearm or firearms.