Bucks County Sex Crimes Lawyer

As defined by Bucks County law, a sex crime includes any crime involving a sexual act as defined by statute involving either a person who cannot give permission to engage in such act or an individual who does not give consent in any way, shape or form to participating in such act. These acts can involve one-on-one scenarios or more than one-on-one.

A Bucks County sex crimes lawyer can assist you when beginning the preparation of your defense. Facing sex crime accusations can be stressful and impact your future, contacting an experienced sex crimes lawyer can help.

Defining Sex Acts

Sex acts are defined by the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and specifically include everything from mere indecent exposure to actual penetration. Sex acts often carry large sentences because under Pennsylvania statute, the Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines often hold sex acts involving adults to an offense gravity score of 10 or higher and juveniles to an offense gravity score far in excess of a 10.

Therefore, when a person is the subject or being investigated for a Bucks County sex act, it is essential that at the earliest possible time, the person reaches out and obtains the services of a Bucks County sex crimes lawyer. This is the best way to ensure that a person’s rights are being protected and also ensuring that everything possible is being done in a manner which either mitigates any possible sentence or leads to an acquittal.

Consequences of a Sex Crime

Being charged or accused of a sex crime can seriously impact a person’s ability to remain employed. Therefore, when being accused, it is essential that the person reach out and obtains the services of a Bucks County sex crimes lawyer so that their rights are being protected and for the peace of mind which may carry over while the proceedings occur and hopefully, an acquittal and/or mitigating factors come into play when the case is completed.

The sex charge alone is the type which carries a social stigma from society and a lot of negative inferences. Merely being accused of a sex crime, such as corrupting the morals of a minor, rape or unlawful contact with an individual can often lead to presumptions being made well before a person even faces charges. Therefore, when being investigated for any sort of sex crime, whether it be an allegation or whether there be physical evidence to corroborate it, it is essential, at the earliest possible time, an individual obtains the services of an experienced Bucks County sex crimes attorney.

Sex crimes are not the type of crimes that would be treated fairly in the courts. Without the proper representation from a Bucks County sex crimes lawyer, a person could easily be moved throughout the entire criminal justice system with little to no chance of any sort of acquittal or mitigating circumstances. Sex crimes are the type of crimes that often involve at least allegations that victims are unable to provide for and/or care for themselves.


Sex crime investigations are very different than most other types of criminal investigations because they are going to involve investigating particular stories and interviewing particular witnesses for details. When interviewing individuals alleged to have been victims of sex crimes, detectives have specialized units, often the Special Victims Unit, and those units have specific training in interviewing and discussing certain crimes with individuals who may be challenged.

Such individuals include children, individuals suffering some sort of mental incapacity, and/or victims merely frightened and not willing to cooperate fully with authorities even under the circumstances.

Investigators are prone to these problems and focus directly on them. Most of the Bucks County sex crime investigations involve the more senior and experienced staff of the police department. These individuals are more than willing, based on their own experiences and the many cases that they have prosecuted, to put the time and the effort into pushing forward their prosecution.

Additionally, specific district attorneys from the Bucks County district attorney’s office are assigned these family violence-type cases and under those circumstances, a more experienced prosecutor is almost always available.

Hiring a Bucks County Sex Crimes Attorney

Knowing the local courts, local jurisdiction, local police, detectives and the prosecutor’s office specifically gives a local Bucks County sex crimes criminal defense attorney the edge at properly representing their clients. Knowing what to expect from the prosecution only ensures that all possible defenses can be raised at the earliest possible times and a person’s rights and/or future can be protected. 

Threats of force and/or harm often come into play when sex crime charges are investigated by the prosecution. Questions usually include whether or not the victim being forced to act in a particular way or threatened. The prosecution will want to know if the victim was harmed physically in any way and if there is any record of hospitalization. The answer to these questions can often lead to sentences that are far greater than many typical Bucks County crimes.

Attorneys with the right experience can stall proceedings and/or move proceedings forward in a way that’s consistent with the right defense and leads to the right result for their client. Knowing the courts and the system allows an individual otherwise charged with what can be seen as a heinous crime to be allowed to remain out of custody pending the trial, to keep bail at a reasonable amount and to ensure that all evidence and witnesses are being reviewed so that any chance of an acquittal is almost assured if the right things are done.