Delaware County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence accusations can affect your family relationships, result in restrictions on your rights, and even lead to jail time. Luckily, a Delaware County domestic violence lawyer is available to provide legal representation to those accused of committing a crime against a family member. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a criminal lawyer in Delaware County to discuss your case.

How a Delaware County Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

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An accusation of domestic violence can lead to criminal charges, can result in a civil or criminal protective order (a restraining order) and can affect a custody dispute or divorce proceedings. Responding proactively and aggressively to the charges is important to protect yourself.

Your attorney can defend you as you fight a restraining order and work hard to get the charges dropped, the case dismissed, or a verdict of not guilty.  If you do not want to take your case to court, your attorney can also help you to explore options that allow you to avoid a criminal conviction through deferred sentencing or that make it possible to reduce the penalties and charges through a plea deal.

Domestic Violence Laws in Delaware County

Domestic abuse is defined in Pennsylvania Code Section 6102 as engaging in certain illegal actions against a close family member or intimate partner.  Intentionally or recklessly causing, or trying to cause, serious bodily injury is one example of domestic violence.

A defendant could also be charged with domestic violence for:

  • Forcing involuntary intercourse or other sexual acts for false imprisonment
  • For stalking
  • For causing a family member to feel a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm

A defendant accused of domestic abuse could also be charged with related criminal offenses like harassment or reckless endangerment. A protection from abuse order could force a defendant to turn in firearms and refrain from approaching the alleged victim or entering a family home.

There are options for defending yourself, including arguing that the accusations are not true or claiming self-defense. A domestic violence lawyer in Delaware County can help explore defenses, or can work to raise doubts about the truth of the accusations against you.

Getting Help from a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Delaware County

Many domestic violence cases are complicated cases in which there are no witnesses to the incident other than the parties involved.  Prosecutors have the burden of proving the domestic violence occurred and you can avoid conviction if you introduce reasonable doubt.  A Delaware County domestic violence attorney will work hard to try to help you avoid all of the potential consequences a conviction of domestic violence can trigger.