Delaware County Traffic Lawyer

When you’ve been ticketed for a moving violation, call a Delaware County traffic lawyer before you pay any fines. If you send in the money for the ticket, this is an admission of guilt and your insurance rates could go up. Too many moving violations could even put your right to drive in jeopardy. Let a traffic lawyer in Delaware County help you fight the ticket so you can try to keep your driving record clean and keep your money instead of paying large fines and high insurance costs.

Your Delaware County Traffic Lawyer Can Help

While many people know they can plead not guilty to a traffic offense, often drivers think they’ll only win if the police officer who ticketed them does not show up to court. Don’t just count on the officer not coming- there are a host of defenses you can raise and legal arguments you can make that will give you a chance to fight conviction for the traffic offense. A Delaware County traffic lawyer will help you to explore all of the different options for responding to the ticket and trying to be found not guilty.

Your attorney can also help you if you are facing a license suspension, a charge of reckless driving, or a bench warrant for not coming to court when you were cited for a traffic offense.  You shouldn’t have to handle your legal problems alone when you could have an experienced advocate on your side looking out for you.

Traffic Offenses in Delaware County

Pennsylvania Code Title 75 provide details on prohibited driving behaviors as well as on things that drivers are required to do.  A defendant could receive a citation for a variety of different behaviors including improper passing; not stopping for a signal, stop sign, or yield sign; speeding or going too fast for conditions; making an illegal U-turn; or tailgating.  Motorists are expected to know and follow all of the rules of the road, and there are countless different things a defendant could be cited for doing, or not doing.

Conviction for a traffic violation results in points on a defendant’s driver’s license.  The number of points will vary based on the offense. For example, not yielding when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk could result in two points while driving carelessly is a three-point offense.

Six points triggers a requirement to complete an exam, with 30 days to pass in order to get two points removed. Accumulating another six points leads to a required DMV hearing at which a defendant could have his license suspended for 15 days or could be ordered to attend a driver’s education class.  Another hearing will occur after an additional six points are accumulated, this time with the risk of a 30-day license suspension.

Avoiding these consequences is of paramount importance because dealing with the DMV can be a major hassle.  A Delaware County traffic lawyer will work hard to help you keep the points off your license.

Getting Help from a Delaware County Traffic Lawyer

When you have been ticketed or are facing legal problems due to traffic offenses, an attorney as soon as possible for help resolving your issues.