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Montgomery County Robbery Lawyer

When dealing with a serious case such as a robbery, it is important to take certain qualities into consideration when searching for a qualified criminal lawyer to build the strongest defense possible. For instance, one should consider whether the Montgomery County robbery attorney is experienced in dealing with serious felony charges, preferably in the area, as every jurisdiction is unique. In doing that, an individual should look and see how many years that particular attorney has been practicing in that specific area and the type of cases they or their firm tend to take on and defend or pursue.

Some other important qualities include having access to relevant resources when it comes  to researching a case of this magnitude. Such resources include but are not limited to:

  • Investigators on staff
  • Experts on staff
  • Other lawyers who can aid any particular one lawyer in making decisions.

Having the relevant experience as well as extensive resources are both crucial to building a proper defense for any serious robbery charge.

Elements of Robbery

In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the charge of robbery is a charge that is defined by the Pennsylvania Criminal Code, which establishes a general law throughout the entire Commonwealth. Robbery is always graded as a felony offense in this particular state, and therefore the county by extension. Further, it is defined as the unlawful taking of something from another with the use of deadly force and/or any sort of force, however slight, with the full intention to permanently deprive the individual of such item or items. Therefore, robbery is the type of charge that is distinguished from theft in that force, however small, is at least alleged to have been used, and therefore serves to elevate the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony thereby warranting contact with a Montgomery County robbery lawyer.

A further aggravating factor in determining the severity of the charge is this: when a robbery takes place with the use of a deadly weapon such as a firearm, a knife or other type of weapon, it is treated much more seriously in the eyes of the law. Montgomery County, in particular, takes robberies very seriously.  Robbery is a crime that the courts attempt to isolate and treat in a very harsh manner. In conclusion,  the charge is an allegation that the accused harmed or attempted to harm a person in some way and that, in addition, the alleged perpetrator took items or some kind of monetary value from the person now filing the claim.

Building A Defense

An individual should be prepared to provide an attorney with all witnesses, all names, addresses and phone numbers for people that could be both harmful and beneficial to a defense, as well as any information which could establish an alibi, provide a reason for self- defense, a possible fabrication on the part of the alleged victim, anything else that they may find necessary in attacking any element of the crime. These facts can  be the starting point of building the strongest defense possible. As it is a starting point for preparing for a proper defense, putting all the key pieces together as well as reviewing and investigating all Commonwealth facts and details which can lead to a case never being prosecuted from the outset or if prosecuted, obtain an acquittal at a later date.

At the initial consultation, an individual should provide the attorney with all the specific details relevant to the case. Each case is fact specific. This means when determining a particular defense,  all independent facts will be measured and determined. Therefore, an individual charged with robbery should always give all the details that he or she is aware of in the consultation with the lawyer.

What To Look For In An Attorney

There are a number of other elements to look for in an attorney, such as their reputation within the community, their amount of local experience, and their knowledge of how a particular system works, or how specific courts and judges tend to treat certain serious felony cases. Having a robbery attorney in Montgomery County who knows the way the courts work,  both at the magisterial district level as well as the

Retaining the services of a robbery attorney in Montgomery County who knows the way the courts work,  both at the magisterial district level as well as the Court of Common Pleas, will be an invaluable asset in defending a case in court. Another benefit of hiring an experienced, local attorney is that they will have had many opportunities in the past to interact with and observe the other participants in the proceedings, such as the police, the prosecutors, and the judges. Altogether, the aforementioned qualities allow the accused individual to rest assured that, despite being charged with a serious robbery felony, that they  will have the strongest representation and more likely than not, will achieve the best possible result.

How a Robbery Attorney in Manassas Can Help

It is important to understand that a robbery charge is the type of charge that an individual, if convicted, could face a significant number of years in custody for, as well as thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines and costs. It is the type of crime that prosecutors, police, and the courts spend much of their resources in trying to prevent and in some cases, trying to build the case to seek conviction. Therefore, by hiring representation, an individual accused of such a crime can feel that his or her rights will be protected from the outset in any possible outcome will be worked in the benefit of the accused.