Montgomery County, PA Third Offense DUI Lawyer

In Montgomery County, people that are charged with driving under the influence for the third time are treated in an extremely harsh manner. Those charged with a third offense DUI are often looking at somewhere in the range of one to five years, if convicted, to be served in a state correctional facility. If an individual is charged with a third time DUI within a 10-year span of time, that person is facing some of the highest sentences and longest driving suspensions that are often sought when individuals are charged with DUI. A third offense is the highest challenge a Montgomery County DUI lawyer and their client can face.

Prosecution of Third Offense DUI in Montgomery County

Prosecutors use all of their resources available to them, such as police surveillance, camera surveillance, breath and blood tests, as well as field sobriety tests in many cases to support their argument. It is these resources that an experienced Montgomery County DUI attorney must attempt to diffuse in order to represent an individual in a manner that is consistent with defending third time DUI charge. Motions are often filed challenging the stop. Motions can also be filed challenging any Breathalyzer or blood results that are taken if constitutional violations occur.

Long-Term Impact of Charge and Conviction

All the cards are off the table for a third DUI offense, which limits an individuals options moving forward. Often an individual is forced to go to trial, and without the right trial experience on their side, they can face potential sentences even longer than typically given. An individual charged with a third offense DUI can face up to a five-year or more license suspension as well as fines in excess of tens of thousands of dollars in some circumstances.

Therefore, a third DUI should be handled by an experienced Montgomery County attorney from the outset so that any possible remedies and any possible diversionary programs that affect both the person’s liberty and driving privileges can be dealt with at the earliest manner consistent with a proper results for an individual in a case.

Impact on Your Driver’s License

In Pennsylvania, a third DUI conviction can lead to as long as a five-year license suspension, a Breathalyzer machine placed on an automobile for a period of no less than two years, and thousands of dollars in costs and fines. Third DUIs are treated on the highest bracket when deciding an individual’s potential sentence and exposure to sentences.

Therefore, an individual charged with a third offense should seek the services of an experienced Montgomery County DUI attorney. With the help of knowledgeable attorney, a person will be able to understand the law, the consequences, and how his or her license and liberties can be affected with a conviction; they will have a helping hand guide them through the process.

Importance of An Attorney

In Montgomery County, an individual charged with a third DUI within a 10-year period needs to seek an experienced Montgomery County third offense DUI attorney with knowledge and understanding of the local Montgomery County system for the best defense for that individual. The cards are off the table when a person is charged with a DUI within a period of 10 years. That individual has been previously warned on two other occasions, has more likely than not served sentences and license suspension on two other occasions and, being charged with a third is essential to look for an attorney that has all the proper experience and understanding of the Montgomery County system.

It is the specific circumstances of an individual’s case which decides the type of sentence and verdict that a person charged with a third DUI can face. An attorney that knows the courts, the district attorneys, the police, and local rules of Montgomery County gives that person charged with such a crime a step up above all the rest. Therefore, a person charged with a third DUI offense in Montgomery County should seek an attorney with experience handling third DUIs, and an attorney that is going to be responsive to their needs, and an attorney with which the individual feels extremely comfortable.

Third DUIs are extremely serious cases so having the right lawyer on your side will pay its dividend tenfold. Therefore, experience, knowledge, resources to defend a case, and experience knowing the specific courts and district attorneys is at the forefront. Seeking an attorney that has all those attributes to offer is what an individual charged with a third DUI needs to do in order to gain success.