Montgomery County Robbery Lawyer

If the police have approached you to discuss an alleged act of robbery, you may be unsure of what to do. A robbery charge is a serious allegation. A robbery is an act where one person steals from another person. Because of the intimate nature of the action, the alleged victim may be fearful for their safety.

Robbery may be a felony, which can result in at least one year of jail time and a felony charge on your record. It is essential to respond quickly and decisively to any accusation.

If the government is pursuing charges against you, you may need some help and advice. A conviction may drastically affect your life. Talk to a Montgomery County robbery lawyer to learn more and develop an aggressive plan of defense.

Trying to deal with the police or bargain with the prosecutor may result in an unfavorable outcome. If you have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney representing you, you may feel more secure, and you may find that lawyer’s services useful.

Laws Governing Robbery

There are different grades of robbery in Montgomery which appear in the Pennsylvania Code of Law Title 18 §3701.

Robbery of the First Degree

First-degree robbery includes armed robbery. A court may convict a person if they do any of the following while committing a theft:

  • Seriously injures another person,
  • Threatens another person with immediate physical harm,
  • Intentionally puts another person in fear of immediate substantial bodily harm, or
  • Threatens to commit or actually commits a first or second-degree offense.

It is also first-degree robbery if the alleged actor stole a controlled substance. A court may send someone to jail for up to 20 years.

Robbery of the Second Degree

If a person causes some harm that is not serious during the commission of a crime that is second-degree robbery or strong-armed robbery. A court may convict a person if, during the commission of a theft, a person also:

  • Harms another person,
  • Threatens to hurt another person, or
  • Makes a person fearful of being immediately injured.

A court may also convict a person if they rob a bank or other financial institution. A second-degree felony may lead to a ten-year prison sentence.

Robbery of the Third Degree

If a person snatches a phone or purse without causing injury, that is a type of third-degree robbery.  A court might convict a person of a felony even if the alleged actor caused no harm to the alleged victim, as long as the suspected actor physically removed or took an item directly from the alleged victim. If a court convicts a person, the court may send that person to jail for up to seven years.

Misdemeanor Robbery

If the court convicts a person of picking another person’s pocket, that may be a misdemeanor charge. The alleged victim must be aware of the theft for the government to charge a person with a felony robbery.

A skilled attorney could help an individual understand the charges against them and build an effective defense.

Reach Out to a Montgomery County Robbery Attorney Today

Nothing may be as stressful as responding to an accusation of a crime. Robbery is considered a violent offense and strictly punished. You may wish to enlist the aid of a forceful and knowledgeable attorney to build a plan of defense. Your freedom and reputation may be at risk. Once you speak with a Montgomery County robbery lawyer, you may have a better understanding of the risks you may be facing and what you can to do protect yourself. Do not wait if you suspect the police are investigating you. Call a representative today.