Pennsylvania Student Defense Lawyer

Student defense in Pennsylvania differs from other types of defense practice in many respects. A student may be dealing with a violation of school rules or an honor code, or with a potential violation of state or federal criminal law. In fact, one incident may involve alleged violations of all of these, and different penalties and procedures apply to each type of violation.

So if you or someone in your family is a student in need of a defense attorney, it is wise to work with an experienced Pennsylvania student defense lawyer who understands the right strategy to use in different settings. Reach out to a dedicated criminal attorney today and get started on your defense.

Student Defense Lawyers Handle a Variety of Offenses

Whether a student incident results in a school disciplinary hearing, a criminal charge or both, it may involve any number of types of alleged misconduct. Incidents that frequently invoke the need for a student defense lawyer in Pennsylvania include:

  • Underage drinking
  • Allegations of cheating or academic fraud
  • Illegal drug possession or use or possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Vandalism, theft and other property crimes
  • Threatening or stalking behavior
  • Sex crimes
  • Fighting or disorderly conduct

Regardless of the allegations, all student deserve the chance to explain their side of the story. A skilled Pennsylvania student defense attorney serves as a legal advocate to make sure the student’s viewpoint is heard and understood. The attorney also serves as legal counselor to provide advice on how to handle questions and avoid taking actions that could make the situation more difficult.

Defensive Strategies in School Settings

When someone is facing a criminal charge in court, experienced defense attorneys know a variety of factual and procedural strategies for getting charges reduced or dismissed. But these strategies may provide little or no help in an academic setting.

Quite often, the protections and procedures found in criminal courts are not applicable in school disciplinary hearings. However, there are unique strategies that often work well in academic settings.

In many situations, it can be argued that the student charged was accused wrongfully, just as it might be argued in a criminal case. However, the avenues for presenting evidence might be might more limited in a school setting, so an experience Pennsylvania student defense lawyer will know how to work around these constraints.

Sometimes, in a school disciplinary hearing, the best approach is to admit liability and demonstrate true remorse along with a willingness to make amends. When a students shows readiness to accept responsibility for actions taken, this often persuades those sitting in judgment that the student is using the experience as a vehicle for personal growth and maturity.

Not only can accepting responsibility potentially reduce punishments, it also helps everyone understand what went wrong and how to proceed in the future.

In the event that other strategies have not succeeded and it seems likely that a student will be expelled, a lawyer could attempt to negotiate a non-judgmental withdrawal from the school. This would enable the student to move on without a negative disciplinary action on the record.

Consult With a Pennsylvania Student Defense Attorney

In some instances, it may be difficult to determine whether you need the services of a legal professional. But it is better to be prepared than to leave an avenue of defense unexplored, so when in doubt, it is a good idea to reach out to a Pennsylvania student defense lawyer for a free case evaluation. To learn how a lawyer’s experience could help protect your student’s future, contact the office now.