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Philadelphia Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer

Assault on a Police Officer (APO) in Philadelphia is directly covered by the charge of aggravated assault. This charge is specifically made a felony of the second degree by statute and treats officers as well as other specific civil servants as protected classes.  As such the crime of simple assault, which is graded only as a misdemeanor, is raised to a felony of the second degree when such a crime is committed against a protected class. This means it can be a much more serious offense if an assault is allegedly committed against an officer and, thus, it is always necessary to seek the services of an experienced Philadelphia assault on a police officer lawyer as soon as possible. This will ensure your criminal charge is defended in the most appropriate fashion.  Call today to speak with an assault lawyer in Philadelphia.

Advantages of a Philadelphia Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer

Assault on a police officer or other protected class is treated at the highest level of severity in Philadelphia. Prosecutors and courts often try to set an example of those accused of such crimes in order to discourage others from doing the same thing.

Sentences are much higher and fines and penalties are often doubled. Before you allow yourself to suffer these serious consequences and adverse experiences, seek out an experienced Philadelphia APO lawyer to help guide you and make sure the prosecutors and courts know your side.

Police officers are human like the rest of us and can be prone to exaggeration and in some cases false statements. It is important that a person’s rights are protected even at the cost of disobeying a law enforcement officer if in fact the law enforcement officer has overstepped his or her bounds.

Top Three Things To Do When Charged With APO in Philadelphia

The first thing a person charged with an assault against an officer or protected class in Philadelphia should do is consult with an experienced Philadelphia APO lawyer. Only then can a person understand the charges levied against them and make the rights moves in order to begin the defense of their case.

Second, a person should write down all the details that they can recall happened at the time leading up to their arrest. Details need to be recorded while things are still fresh so that future evidence and witnesses can be found.

Lastly, a person should try to remember the names and badge numbers of all police officers involved or the names of other civil servants. That way an attorney can attempt to have an investigator seek them out. Only then can an experienced Philadelphia assault on a police officer lawyer defend your rights.

Remember your lawyer wasn’t present at the time the incident involving the charges took place.  Ant detail that can defend you and contradict the government’s case against you starts with your own recollection. Names, badge numbers, and independent witnesses give your attorney a solid starting point. You need to spend as much time defending your case as the commonwealth does prosecuting theirs. In that way can you assure your voice will be heard by the courts. Thereby aiding your defense and often leading to your acquittal.

A Philadelphia Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer Can Help

A Philadelphia assault lawyer can adequately dissect your case and formulate the best defense to acquire the best result. My office has successfully tried thousands of assault on officer cases in Philadelphia over two decades. We have proven the unreliability of an officer’s statements as well as shown that our client lacked the ability to mentally comprehend their actions.

In either way our clients have been acquitted of all charges or charges have been significantly reduced. In over 100 cases my office has brought Civil Rights claims against officers and municipalities that have condoned unlawful police behavior. My office is ready to help you and protect your rights and future.