Bucks County First Degree Assault Lawyer

In Bucks County, the penalties tied to a felony of the first degree can lead to sentences in excess of 20 years’ incarceration and a fine of between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on the circumstances. An aggravated assault charge is determined individually based upon the type of harm that has actually been caused or has been threatened.

By statute, a felony of the first degree is consistent for all charges across the board including aggravated assault. Thus, a person facing a felony of the first degree or a felony of the second degree for aggravated assault can face anywhere between 10 years or more in prison. Additionally, fines start at $20,000. To combat such a charge, consult with an attorney to lessen any penalties associated with your Bucks County first-degree assault charge. A Bucks County first degree assault lawyer can help mitigate the damage of the offense and determine what defense may be available to assist the accused.

Potential Penalties

First-degree felony charges for aggravating assault, in very rare cases, can lead to potential penalties such as probationary-type periods in Bucks County. However, in most cases, when dealing with felonies of the first degree, incarceration is the most likely outcome of any conviction, especially conviction after trial whether it is done by jury or by bench trial.

When an individual is charged in Pennsylvania with an aggravated assault graded as a felony of the first degree, it is essential that, at the earliest possible time, they reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County first-degree assault lawyer. Only then can they be assured that everything they do is being protected, that all possible outcomes are being taken into account; that is, any litigation and any defenses such as self-defense or protection of others can come into play.

When those defenses are raised and a reasonable doubt is raised by the right attorney, then cases charged as aggravated assaults of the felony of the first degree can lead to acquittals and/or sentences that are much lower than the norm.

Where Cases Are Heard

In Pennsylvania, individuals charged with first-degree assault charges start a case before a preliminary hearing at the local magisterial justice level where the alleged assault occurred. Once a preliminary hearing is had and enough evidence has been put together to establish that more likely than not a crime has occurred, then the matter continues on to Doylestown or the county seats.

There, an individual can obtain a trial before a bench and/or judge or a jury trial. It is at this level that all serious crimes are resolved. A Court of Common Pleas judge may sit alone or with the use of a jury, hear the case, and at the end, determine by jury or judge if they are innocent or guilty.

Depending on the actual case and the facts and the finding by the court and/or jury, a person is subject to sentencing upon conviction. A sentence is determined with the use of the sentencing guidelines for Pennsylvania and the specific facts and/or circumstances of a particular case. The sentencing can bring forward harsh penalties associated with a Bucks County first-degree assault charge. To properly combat these charges, it is pertinent that an individual consult with a Bucks County first degree assault attorney.