Criminal Defense Attorney

Building a Bucks County Drug Defense

With the help of an attorney, you can help build a proper Bucks County drug defense. In Bucks County drug cases, the most common defense to a drug crime involves constitutional issues. Individuals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, have the right against unlawful searches and seizures guaranteed to each and every citizen. These rights are described in the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and Article I Section 8 and Section 9 of the Pennsylvania constitution. Individuals have the constitutional right against unlawful searches and seizures of their person. This can relate to searches of a person’s vehicle, their person itself, their home, and other locations that an individual may be or  where  illegal substances may be recovered.

Warrants must be obtained based upon probable cause.  A magisterial district court judge or Court of Common Pleas judge decides that probable cause exists on a legal level and thus a search should be proper. However, in many cases, the procedures are not followed and/or not followed properly. Thus, an experienced Bucks County drug lawyer can raise constitutional issues across the board and, in many cases, obtain a positive verdict based upon the suppression of evidence that was illegally obtained in Bucks County. Contact a qualified attorney today.

Why a Person Should Contact an Attorney

An individual facing drug charges in Bucks County should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County drug lawyer at the earliest possible stage of an investigation. The sooner an experienced Bucks Country drug lawyer gets involved, the greater chance of a positive resolution for an investigated party or an accused in a drug-related case. They can build a proper Bucks County drug defense.

Having a lawyer with the resources, know-how, and experience in determining the difference between a lawful search and an illegal search can only raise the chances of a successful victory in a drug case in Bucks County. In cases in which building a defense may not be viable, an experienced lawyer can have the matter diverted at the earliest possible stages to a treatment court so that the individual’s rights and reputation are protected, and an individual is no longer is facing incarceration.

Knowing the system, knowing how the local government works and the authorities put together a case only ensures that the individual, with the right lawyer by their side, has a great advantage in leading to a successful resolution of a Bucks County drug case.

Experience and Knowledge of Controlled Substances

An attorney who knows the law and has years of experience dealing with narcotics, narcotics arrest, and prosecutions ensures that an individual charged with a crime has every opportunity to defend themselves in a Bucks County defense in a case. Attorneys with the knowledge and sophistication to understand how drugs work and how illegal substances make it to the streets can use that in the defense of an individual who might otherwise be charged with possessing something with the intent to deliver.

Should an individual merely possess an item for personal use, that sophistication is graded as a misdemeanor or less. However, should an individual not raise the correct offenses and be forced to answer for possession with intent to deliver charges, they can face serious felonies charges. Get the quality defense you need by contacting a Bucks County drug attorney today.