Bucks County Drug Penalties 

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, it is the decision of the Commonwealth to prosecute all illegal drug cases in the harshest manner allowed by law. However, it would be very justified for the Commonwealth to prosecute certain controlled substances in a harsher fashion than others. Heroin, cocaine, LSD, and other types of controlled substances are often treated very harshly because of the effects they can have on users and the ability of users to become addicted to such drugs. Additionally, when individuals are charged with possession of a small amount, sentences only deal with a misdemeanor conviction and often will be dealt with through rehabilitation treatment. An experienced Bucks County narcotics lawyer can provide more information if you are facing serious Bucks County drug penalties and charges.

What to Expect From Bucks County Drug Penalties

These drugs, specifically illegal narcotics  including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and LSD, are substances that are highly addictive and can cause a tremendous amount of harm to society. Rehabilitation for users of these drugs costs billions of dollars per year in the United States. It is when an individual is charged with a felony possession with intent to deliver these kinds of drugs that the courts in Bucks County attack on the highest level, which means penalties are harsh. Selling and transferring these drugs is the target of law enforcement and the prosecution. If drugs are controlled, manufacturing is limited, and transfers are not made available, then users cannot obtain the drugs. If users cannot get the drugs, then they can avoid having a drug addiction.

Become More Familiar with Potential Penalties

An individual can become more familiar with potential drug crimes and the consequences of those drug crimes in Bucks County by researching the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance Act as well as obtaining legal advice from an experienced Bucks County criminal defense drug attorney. After consulting book sources, an individual charged with narcotics and/or other controlled substances can have a basic understanding of what the consequences of their specific case are and what type of sentence and/or fines an individual would be facing.

For example, should an individual be charged with certain street-level crimes, with the exception of marijuana, such crimes involving cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and percocets, an individual could face severe penalties as the courts in Bucks County focus on those street-level drugs when dealing with sentences which often exceed average or otherwise mitigated areas. Additionally, when courts view sentencing when it comes to narcotics crimes, the weight and circumstances of a specific case also come into play.

Additionally, whether or not individuals are being served underage or any other individuals placed in harm’s way while narcotic sales and/or investigations are taking place can be an issue when courts determine whether a person faces what would otherwise be a mitigated sentence for a non-trial or plea. It can often turn into an aggravated sentence because of the circumstances.

Additionally, when dealing with school zones or other unauthorized areas where drugs are strictly prohibited in any shape or form, courts and/or prosecutors seek maximum sentences. In some cases, it could be up to 10 years’incarceration for narcotics crimes that occur in those specific areas.

Penalties Following Conviction for a Drug-Related Charge

Penalties that can come into play when found guilty of drug offenses range from short-term penalties such as probationary sentences and diversionary programs to long periods of incarceration and everything in between. It is the facts of a specific case and the details of an accused, their current employment, their contacts with the community, and their prior record that the court reviews in determining what, if any, conviction should lead to a particular sentence. Courts have the jurisdiction now that mandatory sentencing has been pulled to use their own subjective methods and manners in determining what an appropriate sentence is for a specific individual.

Bucks County Drug Penalties for Marijuana and Prescription Pills

Other drugs, such as marijuana or prescription pills, are often dealt with on a lighter basis. In these situations, individuals are often presumed to be users and not sellers of the drugs. In all cases, an individual who has the intention to sell such illegal narcotics and/or illegal prescription drugs is prosecuted to a high degree. They are charged with felony cases that can lead to up to 10 years of incarceration and a $100,000 fine.

Role of a Professional Bucks County Drug Lawyer

Having a knowledgeable attorney with the right resources on how to deal with a specific court and/or specific set of facts is essential. With the right tools, an individual who was otherwise facing extremely large periods of jail time due to the stigma that drugs do carry in Bucks County can potentially receive a mitigated sentence or even some sentences that can ultimately be expunged from their record. Contact a skilled Bucks County drug attorney today to learn more about Bucks County drug penalties and the right steps you can take to help build your best defense strategy.