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Bucks County Drug Short-Term Consequences

Drug offenses are prosecuted quite seriously in Bucks County. While initial drug consequences may seem daunting, know that you do not have to have to face them alone. The assistance of a professional Pennsylvania narcotics defense attorney has the ability to potentially make a difference in your case, especially if you consider how the immediate penalties that you may face could lead to long-term consequences in the future. Read the below information to learn more about Bucks County drug short-term consequences, as well as the benefits of attaining a Bucks County drug lawyer early on in your case.

Initial Short-term Consequences

Individuals charged with drug crimes in Bucks County can often, even upon arrest, face severe consequences with their current employers as well as their reputation in society, making it significant to be prepared for what to expect following an arrest. Business owners may be prevented from taking out loans when they have an open criminal case. Individuals in childcare arenas or employment, whether it be schools, daycares or other government type agencies, can be suspended or their jobs can be held in lieu of these types of charges. In all cases, the mere fact that someone has been charged with a drug narcotics offense in Bucks County may not be a conviction. However, at the same time, it is treated very harshly because of the possibility that an individual could later be found guilty.

Impact of Drug Schedule and Severity of Offense on Consequences

Short-term consequences always come into play when there is an arrest for any sort of drug case in Bucks County. Depending on an individual’s record and/or employment within a particular area, that individual, even from the outset of drug charges, faces civil penalties depending on the open case. Bucks County drug short-term consequences often lead to long-term consequences. For this reason, having a skilled Bucks County drug attorney at the earliest possible stages can help ensure that everything is being done to minimize the impact of an arrest on that individual and that everything is being done to show from the outset that they are not guilty of a specific crime. Without that, society often finds individuals guilty even before a court does.

Can a Drug Charge be Dropped Right Away?

It is the specific circumstances of an individual’s arrest that determines what, if anything, can be done to drop charges in a particular case. Under the right circumstances with the right representation, police can be determined to have made a mistake and/or prosecutors can be convinced that the investigation was unlawfully connected to an individual who is later charged with a crime. Under these circumstances, with the help of an experienced Bucks County drug lawyer by their side, individuals who are simply misidentified can often have their cases with proof dismissed and any sign of the fact that they were even being investigated or arrested removed from their record. Each and every case is specific to its own set of facts. However, working with a skilled lawyer, reviewing the details of their particular case, and researching and investigating their defenses only helps to ensure that a proper result can occur and in some cases, charges not being dismissed against the individual.

If you are facing charges for drug use or possession, know that you do not have to face them alone. Reach out to a dedicated Bucks County drug attorney today to help craft a defense on your behalf and could attempt to mitigate the Bucks County drug short-term consequences that you may face.