Bucks County Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug trafficking in Bucks County is a serious matter where millions of dollars of resources are reported to dealing with, in particular, the new opioid crisis. Resources are provided to the district attorney’s office, police special investigation forces, narcotics forces and even the courts for treatment programs in order to try to alleviate this problem and/or rehabilitative individuals who are involved in both the trade, sale, and use of illegal controlled substances. A Bucks County drug trafficking lawyer can potentially take an equally serious approach to defending your drug trafficking case. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, consult a skilled drug lawyer that can advocate for you.

Efforts in Bucks County To Crack Down on Drug Trafficking

In Bucks County, drug treatment courts, in particular, try to focus on the rehabilitation of former and/or current dealers as well as those who have more serious drug abuse problems even if these individuals have completed programs in the past. Police are giving resources in order to alleviate stresses upon society that result in the illegal use of controlled substances. Drug enforcement agencies, surveillance groups, drug-sniffing dogs and other drug surveillance equipment is also most commonly used and prosecuted in investigating drug sales and use cases.

Additionally, the use of confidential informants, police undercover informants, as well as joint taskforces with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office comes into play. The federal government can be called in on the more serious cases to assist in prosecutions and/or specific investigations of businesses and/or individuals who may be involved in the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics. Bucks County is at the forefront of trying to alleviate the strains upon society as a result of illegal drug sales and/or drug use.

How the Amount of Drug Possessed Can Affect a Case

Some of the most important things that individuals should be aware of when dealing with drug trafficking charges involve, first and foremost, the amount of narcotics that a person, even a valid user of drugs; purchases at a given time may be sufficient to have that individual charged with a felony possession with intent to deliver simply based upon the amount of narcotics being purchased at once.

While a user may argue that they may have purchased a larger amount of narcotics to limit their exposure to police on any given occasion, if that amount is insufficient with the quantity a reasonable user would use in a reasonable time period, commonwealth experts often equate that amount and that person with felony possession with intent to deliver charges as opposed to possession.

Simple Possession Versus Distribution

Merely possessing and using drugs are treated in a lesser fashion. However, once those drugs are shared with other individuals such as a joint being passed from one individual to another at a concert or a party, the individual passing the joint is no longer merely possessing and using that joint. They are possessing it with the intent to transfer or deliver it to another individual, thus committing a felony offense.

In those cases, even the most minimal amount, such as marijuana, can be treated as a felony. People must be aware that even in cases where individuals feel they are legally using drugs, a mere passing or giving of those drugs to a person not authorized to have them then come back against the original giver and may lead the original giver to face felony possession with intent to deliver charges. A skilled Bucks County drug trafficking lawyer can attempt to mitigate the potential penalties an individual may face.

Multiple Defendants in Drug Trafficking Cases

In nearly all cases involving drug prosecutions in Bucks County, multiple individuals are arrested and/or investigated in order for the government to establish their charges beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. In most common cases, police will survey a particular location and, over a course of days, weeks and even months, and if they witness what they believe to be drug sales taking place and individuals making such purchases are often arrested almost immediately.

In some cases, the alleged buyers are arrested while drug dealers or sellers are allowed to continue their trade so that police may move up the chain and determine the source of alleged narcotics. In the majority of narcotics cases in Bucks County, more than one individual defendant is involved. It is not uncommon for a Bucks County drug trafficking lawyer to represent multiple buyers during a single surveillance by police.

Value of a Bucks County Drug Trafficking Attorney

Drug trafficking convictions have serious repercussions for individuals. Drug trafficking is a felony offense and felony convictions often lead to the loss of certain rights and freedoms. Furthermore, the conviction could affect a person’s reputation and make them ineligible for certain jobs. With the stakes so high, it is vital that any individuals charged with drug trafficking seek the guidance of an adept Bucks County drug trafficking lawyer. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help build a solid case for them.