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Bucks County Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking is serious. The charges associated with the trafficking and moving of narcotics involves possession with the intent to deliver controlled substances set out by the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance Act and possession or conspiracy or use of such controlled substances. Under these acts, possession with intent to deliver can carry for a first offense as much as  five to 10 years’ incarceration and $100,000 fine. Additionally, when dealing with narcotics and trafficking, possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy are the most common Bucks County drug trafficking charges. An experienced drug lawyer can offer more insight into trafficking.

Other Charges Involved in Drug Trafficking

Contraband, using firearms, possession of the instrument of crime, and paraphernalia can be involved as well as any number of other charges, depending on the circumstances. When dealing with major trafficking cases, dozens of individual crimes can be charged and in some cases even proved, which is why it is imperative that a person contacts a drug trafficking lawyer as soon as possible.

It is essential to defend an individual’s right and attack all Bucks County drug trafficking charges at the earliest possible time. Trafficking can carry incarceration and often ensures the court that a person is not simply a user, but a seller as well and treatment would not be available to them.

Endangering People Through Trafficking Drugs

In Pennsylvania, individuals can be charged with a plethora of charges when dealing with trafficking of illegal substance type cases. Among the most common are possession with intent to deliver and possession in conspiracy of such drugs. However, when dealing with individuals working or put at risk because of the trafficking of the drugs, additional charges can come into play. If children are involved, endangering the welfare of the child, corrupting the moral of a minor, or both are often charged.

In cases where other mechanisms are used, such as cell phones, felonies can be charged. In cases where violence is threatened, gun charges, or recklessly endangering another person can come into play. An individual case can dictate the type of charges that can come into play. In addition to trafficking, any number of charges can also be involved, like possession of intent to deliver, conspiracy, et cetera. A drug trafficking attorney can assess a situation and determine which charges a person may face.

Role of Jurisdictional Borders in Drug Trafficking Charge

When dealing with drug traffic cases, narcotics can be taken over multiple county borders and states. When multiple states are involved, the federal government may play a part in the case as well. When a large amount of narcotics is involved locally, the federal government can also be involved. However, it is very common to have an individual have stewards of narcotics in one county and transport those narcotics to another county. Police can follow the individual through jurisdictions. Counties could also waive their jurisdictional issues and have the case prosecuted independently and completely by one of them.

Resources are then allocated to the specific county and charges can be brought in the most favorable counties that the Commonwealth feels works in their best interest. The defense can waive objections to jurisdictional issues as well. A person facing Bucks County drug trafficking charges should contact a knowledgeable drug trafficking lawyer immediately. An attorney can protect their freedoms and mitgate the severity of the penalties that the individual may face.