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Evidence in Bucks County Drug Trials

Drug trials in Bucks County are quite serious, especially considering that the outcome of the trial directly affects your future. Evidence in Bucks County drug trials could be the difference between an innocent or guilty verdict. That is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable drug lawyer who could collect the necessary evidence and build a solid defense for you.

Evidence the Prosecution May Present

The type of evidence in Bucks County drug trials that is presented by the prosecution includes drug surveillance by police, whether on video or by the naked eye, which is often used and introduced. Maps and directional equipment are often used to show locations. Chemist reports on the quantity of drugs and the quality of drugs are often used, photographs, outside video, anything that the prosecution feels can aide in them making out their case.

In certain cases, drugs can be found by special canines during searches, warrants can be introduced as evidence and any sort of confiscation made, such as firearms, drugs, identification of the individuals, leases for homes, other ownership materials or incidence of ownership such as bills, things of that nature, are often used by the prosecution in order to prove their case against a defendant.

Contested Elements in Drug Trials

The most contested item is when cases of drugs involve non-visual observation of sales. For example, in a case where an individual is stopped either in their home, in their car, or on their person and a certain quality of controlled substance is recovered, and the biggest contention between the defense and the prosecution is going to be whether that amount of drugs was intended for sale or personal use. If the drugs were intended for sale, it could lead to a felony conviction with much higher incarceration probability. The consequences between the two are severe. Thus, having the right advice and challenging the evidence in the right fashion is a manner that causes the most contention in courts of law.

Constitutional Issues in Trials

The most common constitutional issues involve the unlawful or alleged unlawful searches and seizures of a person, their property or place of abode. It is in those three realms that the Constitution is pushed to its limit. Individuals in Bucks County, as well as Pennsylvania and throughout the United States of America, have a right that guarantees protection against unlawful searches and seizures of their person.

If a court, after evaluating the evidence of a stop and seizure, determines that reasonable suspicion and probable cause did not properly exist during a stop, then any evidence in Bucks County drug trials that follows from that stop may be suppressed and thus not usable in a prosecution against an individual. Most cases involving drugs are won or lost at this motion to suppress constitutional level.

Therefore, before the accused person gives up their constitutional rights to challenge the evidence, they should strongly reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County narcotics criminal defense lawyer. Only then can the accused be assured that their rights are being protected and everything that can be done is being done regarding the potential to protect their constitutional rights.