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Understanding Bucks County Gun Laws

The importance of understanding Bucks County gun laws can be critical for anyone facing additional criminal charges. Bucks County gun laws impact the type of sentencing someone may be subject to if they have been accused of such a crime.

If a firearm was used in a theft or robbery offense, the penalties someone may be confronted with are likely to be aggravated. When a gun charge is connected to another charge such as assault, theft, or even a general domestic matter, an individual may face a sentence three or four times what is customary for a gun offense. In an attempt to ensure you do not face aggravating factors in your possession or criminal case, contact an established gun lawyer right away.

Understanding the Strictness of Bucks County Gun Laws

Understanding Bucks County gun laws are often relevant to those interested in purchasing a firearm. Bucks County is the type of location that allows an individual to have almost any kind of weapon including an assault rifle. Individuals who should not have firearms either because of mental incapacity or local and state law prevention because of prior convictions could face much longer sentences of incarceration.

Where To Seek Firearm Rules and Regulations

Anyone seeking a better understanding of local gun regulations can search legal references for gun laws specific to where they live. However, a great resource for understanding Bucks County gun laws is the advice of an attorney who should be up to date with the local firearm laws and regulations.

They will be well aware of how prosecutors push firearm offenses, how police treat cases, and how the courts have interpreted them. Only after getting advice from an experienced defense gun lawyer, can the person be assured that what they are doing is appropriate and the chance for an arrest and/or conviction has been eliminated. Understanding and complying with the laws are extremely critical for individuals who wish to purchase or own firearms in Bucks County and surrounding counties and states.

Common Misconceptions About Gun Laws

The largest misconception about gun laws simply involves the fact that because a person is licensed in another state, they feel that they are licensed throughout the entire country. However, under no exceptions can a person or even law enforcement on a state level, carry a firearm from one state to another.

Having a license to possess a firearm does not indicate that the owner can carry the firearm anywhere. Even lawful firearm purchasers are not allowed to transport firearms in a way that is inconsistent with the law. Firearms are not allowed in federal or state administration buildings and anyone who does so could face a felony offense gun charge.

Importance of Consulting with an Attorney

Bucks County treats gun laws seriously. Individuals should contact an attorney who can help them avoid misunderstanding Bucks County gun laws. After purchasing a  firearm, it is then up to the owner to figure out how to properly use it, obtain it, transport it. Therefore, it may be critical to speak with an attorney who can help you prevent charges for illegal firearm possession or transportation. If you are already facing consequences of firearm violations, contact an experienced gun lawyer to begin a defense on your behalf.