Bucks County Gun Penalties 

People with guns are acting well within their right to bear arms, but if someone has a gun, they have a duty to carry that gun responsibly. Firearms can be dangerous, and it is important for people to observe and practice proper gun carrying and transporting protocol. If not, there are very real consequences. Bucks County gun penalties can be hefty and can result in incarceration. If you face penalties for gun offenses in Bucks County, it is important to get in touch with an adept gun defense lawyer who can protect your rights while also defending you from gun charges.

Potential Sentencing

In most cases, in Bucks County, an individual merely carries a gun on the streets of Pennsylvania without a license. In those cases, Section 6108 is imposed, but another exemption to the rule, such as  hunting, a person without a license may be able to carry a firearm on their person so long that it is not concealed. A permit is required when a firearm is carried within a vehicle and/or concealed on a person’s body. In those cases, a person -so long as the firearm is out in the open - can carry such a firearm throughout Bucks County.

A gun offense for any individual carries a sentence of approximately three and one-half to seven years in incarceration and up to a $15,000 fine. This is a sentence which takes into account the grading of section 6106 of the Uniform Firearms Act. Under that section, a firearm conviction is graded as a felony of the third degree. In those cases, typically a person without a license carries a firearm, concealed in their vehicle in such a manner that the person should be known to have a license to carry such firearm.

Repercussions of Conviction

Bucks County gun penalties for carrying a concealed on a person without a license can include a sentence of as high as three and a half to seven years in custody and a $15,000 fine. In addition, it is a conviction of a felony of the third degree. Having a felony conviction can prevent an individual from ever lawfully owning or being in possession of a firearm in the future and in cases where other individuals of the household have firearms, a person otherwise not eligible to have a firearm because of prior record such as a firearm conviction, felony to third degree, can be prosecuted as a convicted felon in a location with the firearm.

The implication of having a firearm conviction on a person’s record does not end simply with the conviction. There is negativity that a person receives societally, in general, as well as with employment matters and almost anything involving family court, child support and child custody considerations come into play. A felony conviction, especially for a firearm offense, has consequences that will follow a person for the rest of their life.

Prosecutors Treatment of Gun Offenses

Common sense would dictate that guns can cause serious harm to individuals and as a result, any sort of gun charge is treated very strongly and strictly by the district attorney’s office. In those cases, resources are put at the forefront in order to prosecute cases involving firearms. Firearms, when in the possession of individuals who are not authorized to have them or are prevented by law because of the conviction who have them, are of the highest importance when it comes to prosecutions. Prosecutors tend to associate firearms with other serious crimes.

A robbery with a firearm carries a sentence almost triple than a robbery by itself would carry. A robbery of a vehicle has its own statute specifically named carjacking as the offense, which is a felony of the first degree. Additionally, any domestic type of case that occurs, aggravated assault with a felony of the first degree with a firearm often can double or triple sentences that otherwise individuals would face. Prosecutors treat guns very serious because the courts put lots of resources into protecting society from those not authorized to have such firearms.

Contacting a Lawyer

When carrying a gun, it is important to respect local gun policies in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Observing gun laws also ensures that you do not have to face the legal consequences of violating gun laws. Bucks County gun penalties can have life-altering consequences. Individuals who find themselves facing Bucks County gun penalties should contact a lawyer. A capable gun lawyer will advocate for you and can make sure that your rights are being respected, while also working hard to build your case.