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Bucks County Aggravated Gun Penalties 

In Bucks County, gun charges are dealt with in a very severe manner, especially if an individual is not authorized to have a firearm or if they do not have a license to carry. Cases may vary when dealing with specific dispositions and firearms. Bucks County aggravated gun penalties can vary from three to seven years when possessed by a person not otherwise authorized to have a firearm. Contact an experienced Bucks County gun lawyer for more legal counseling on firearm charges and the gun penalties in Bucks County.

Additional Penalties

A Bucks County aggravated gun penalty for possessing an unlawful firearm or firearm that they are not otherwise authorized to carry comes at a price even greater than a gun charge. The highest charge for a convicted felon in possession of a firearm is greater than a felony of the second degree in Pennsylvania, which means an individual can face up to five to 10 years incarceration and a $25,000 fine.

However, if the firearm is used to commit any other offense or is used in a particular fashion that leads to a conviction of another offense, that person can face not only the five to 10 year sentence that the gun possession can carry, but also any other sentence such as felony of the first degree, second degree, or third degree.

Gun Free Zones

For example, firearms in public areas, public parks, schools, and/or government administration buildings are often dealt with in a much more severe fashion.

In these cases, judges can add years and years and years to otherwise probationary-type sentences if they feel a particular threat from a person. When an individual carries a firearm illegally in a school zone in Pennsylvania or in any other prohibited location such as courthouses, health care facilities, or hospitals, enhancements to sentencing guidelines can occur, for up to 10 years in prison.

Maximum Sentencing

For example, if a firearm is used to commit a robbery, an aggravated assault, or any other crime that is a felony of the first degree, then the maximum sentence that can be added is 10 to 20 years in addition to the five to 10 years. With aggravated gun penalties in Bucks County, even sentences involving misdemeanors can be raised to maximums of two to five years and can also affect periods of probation or government supervision for up to 10 additional years.

An Attorney Can Help

An attorney experienced in dealing with gun cases in Bucks County has a keen knowledge and understanding of gun penalties. A qualified attorney can negotiate with police, with prosecutors, and the courts. Lawyers may notice defenses which could be raised at a very early stage – defenses that can offer mitigation or reduction of sentences.

Dealing with a gun case can often be a daunting experience. Having the lawyer by the person’s side only helps them navigate the criminal justice system in Bucks County. If an attorney appropriately argues for a charge in self-defense or defense of others during a trial, a person could potentially walk away with an acquittal. Additionally, if an individual is found guilty of only a misdemeanor and the gun was not otherwise used or possessed with the intent to commit a crime, a person would potentially face reduced consequences. Let a professional Bucks County gun lawyer handle your aggravated gun penalties case.