Purchasing a Gun in Bucks County

Gun charges treatment and laws are determined by the community the laws are meant to serve. Lawful gun owners will be supported by local government and most likely will not be interrupted when purchasing a gun in Bucks County. 

Mental incapacity, family law issues and anyone convicted of other felonies may be ineligible to have a firearm and could face harsh sentencing for breaking the firearm law. Contact an experienced gun lawyer to discuss how to go about potentially purchasing a firearm in Bucks County. 

Treatment of Firearm Charges in Bucks County

In Bucks County, firearms offenses are treated very strictly by the courts and are prosecuted very vigorously by the district attorney’s office. Why this occurs is primarily because of the type of crime that an individual who is not otherwise authorized for purchasing a gun in Bucks County could potentially.

The type of offenses that aggravate sentencing includes:

  • Violence-robbery with a firearm
  • Aggravated assault with a firearm
  • Homicide with a firearm
  • Drug offenses with a firearm

These offenses can often cause extreme harm to society and are often looked upon in a very serious fashion by the courts. Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines even doubles some sentences when an unauthorized person with a firearm commits a crime.

When an individual is charged with having an unauthorized firearm in Bucks County, sentences tend to start somewhere in the realm of three and a half to seven years incarceration; the highest offense charged with the firearm can go as high as ten to 20 years additionally.

How to Fill Out Paperwork to Legally Possess a Gun

Three simple pieces of advice that an individual can be given when purchasing a firearm is: all forms must be filled out in a way consistent with the truth. A person simply can’t answer a form by saying they are not sure as well as entering a form incorrectly even if they have the best intentions.

If there is a question on the form to be asked, a person should not merely asks the gun seller’s advice but should take the form and reach out and obtain the services on a consultation level of an experienced criminal defense gun lawyer. When purchasing a firearm, it is simply not the location where the firearm is being purchased that dictates whether a person is able to transport such firearm to their residence.

What Processes are Involved in Purchasing a Firearm?

Any required background checks will likely find the applicants prior commitments, whether voluntary or involuntary. These commitments could include mental health institutions or for mental health treatment and could potentially impact the individual’s ability to purchase a gun.

Under those circumstances, a person with any sort of mental health disorder, whether or not it was aware to them, whether or not it occurred when they were a child must be disclosed, but not recalling or not remembering is not a defense.  If inconsistent with the truth or knowledge, purchasing a gun in Bucks County can lead to a felony arrest for filling out a form both in state and/or federal government unlawfully.

Advice from an Attorney

When someone is charged with a gun law violation, it can be critical to speak with an attorney who understands the severity of a gun charge. When facing charges for illegally purchasing a gun in Bucks County, it is recommended you speak with a lawyer immediately. An individual should reach out and consult an experienced lawyer who can inform them on how a firearm can be prepared and/or transferred legally to one’s residence or business.