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Requirements for Owning a Gun in Bucks County

Bucks County has reciprocity with other counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Having a license to carry, Bucks County carries over to other counties. However, certain extensions apply. Contact a skilled firearm attorney to begin learning moe about the requirements for owning a gun in Bucks County.

Concealed Permit Requirements in Bucks County

In Philadelphia, an individual must obtain a concealed permit if they intend to have a concealed weapon on their person or in a vehicle.

Under those circumstances, a license is required; in other locations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a person, even without a license, can have a firearm so long as the firearm is visible and made aware to authorities is not against the law.

A person must understand the different laws applied in different locations, there is more reciprocity whatsoever with any other state. That is even having a license to carry in Bucks County will never transfer over to another state in United States of America.

How Can an Out of State Gun Owner Move to Bucks County?

If a person owns a firearm in Bucks County and then leaves the county of Bucks and moves to another place, the person is then responsible for whatever laws apply to gun owners in the new state. Individuals are allowed to transport a weapon throughout Bucks County, if requirements set out by the state of Pennsylvania are met. It could be beneficial to speak with a lawyer about requirements for owning a gun in Bucks County.

What Happens if Someone Moves to Another State or County?

However, if an individual leaves Bucks County, the new location’s gun laws will then apply with that firearm. It is not transferable and it is not legal for a person, even with a carry concealed permit in Pennsylvania, to take that firearm into New Jersey. Even police officers have been arrested for such offenses, and the office can end up with thousands of cases involving transferring firearms from Pennsylvania to other states and vice versa.

These cases are very fact-specific so it is important for individuals to notice the local police agencies, and requirements for owning a gun in Bucks County involving forms. Therefore, knowing local rules, understanding them, and following them are essential.

Prevalence of Firearm Offenses

A gun arrest can lead to many other crimes. A firearm can make other crimes more harsh. When firearms are used in the commission of crimes such as theft, they are considered robberies, all felonies from first degree.

When a firearm is used and/or threatened during an assault, an aggravated assault may occur, grading a gun charge and combining it with a felony of the first degree.

When this occurs, for example, in Pennsylvania and specifically in Bucks County, individuals who might otherwise be facing misdemeanor gun charges are now facing multiple felonies and up to 10 to 20 years or more incarceration.

Under these circumstances, guns enhance sentences for other crimes and raise the level of offense gravity scores. When this occurs in Pennsylvania, individuals charged with guns, they face severe consequences and long periods of incarceration.

When to Speak With a Lawyer

When a person is the subject of a gun investigation and other charges come into play, it is essential at the earliest possible time that they reach out and obtain the services of a criminal defense gun lawyer. It is under those circumstances that cases can be mitigated and reduced even before formal charges are filed. Discuss the requirements for owning a gun in Bucks County with an attorney right away.