Transporting Firearms in Bucks County

A person can have a number of lawful reasons for transporting firearms throughout the County of Bucks in the State of Pennsylvania.  Firearms are transferable and movable as any such properties. However, while firearms may be more than just property of the individuals, they are treated with much more respect. When safety becomes an issue, firearms must always be taken into account. Laws regarding transporting firearms in Bucks County exist in order to keep individuals safe and protected, while simultaneously protecting the person’s constitutional rights. That is why it is vital that people follow the proper protocol when transporting firearms. If you want to know more about transporting firearms legally, contact a qualified gun lawyer today.

Steps to Legally Transport a Firearm

If someone wants to legally transport a firearm, the first thing they must do is contact local authorities, and the authorities in the state in which the individual will be traveling to,  in order to make sure local laws are being followed in the transportation of a lawfully-owned firearm.

Additionally, people should be aware, when leaving Bucks County and heading to cities like Philadelphia, additional gun laws do apply. It is required that a person who has a firearm concealed on their person or in their vehicle, must also carry a license.

In those states, it is not lawful to carry a firearm even not concealed on one’s person on the streets of Philadelphia. That is graded as a misdemeanor of the first degree. These charges do not exist in most other non-cities in the first class.

Generally speaking, laws must be adhered to and individuals that under certain circumstances, having a firearm permit in Bucks County, which is adjacent to the City and County of Philadelphia does not allow an individual to have such guns in the city and county limits of Philadelphia.

How Can a Person Legally Transport a Firearm Without a Separate Compartment in Their Car?

When transporting firearms in Bucks County, an individual should be able to transfer a firearm under all local required rules. A separate compartment in the vehicle does not exist and that is rare, then the firearm simply cannot be transferred in that vehicle.

The laws are written to be followed and to protect society from certain firearms. At the same time, individuals have a right to carry firearms but not a right to carry them in any particular way they see fit. Local rules come into effect and specific rules for cities such as Philadelphia may even impact an individual’s ability even more so.

An individual must make themselves aware of all local rules and regulations in order to protect themselves from being charged with and/or convicted of unlawfully possessing a firearm and/or ammunition or attachments in any particular location including Bucks County.

Legally Transporting Firearms Across State Lines

An individual can legally transport firearms from one state to another by being, first, licensed to carry in both states and, second, letting local authorities know what is occurring and why. Otherwise, an individual cannot transfer a firearm in any way, shape or form between two specific states. Specifically speaking, when an individual leaves the State of Pennsylvania and enters the State of New Jersey or Delaware which abuts the state in two different areas, the laws of the state where the firearm is going to also apply.

An individual will be prosecuted – even an individual such as a police officer in Philadelphia – if they carry a firearm over the state lines into New Jersey without proper authorization and/or proper credentials to do so. Credentials required involve having a license in the State of New Jersey as well as having a license in the State of Pennsylvania in order to have that firearm transferred from one jurisdiction to another.

Transporting Firearms on Public Transportation

Bucks County has a small amount of public transportation given the type of county makeup that exists. However, when dealing with public transportation such as bus depots, generally, trained depots and/or airports, Bucks County does not allow the carrying and transporting and obviously using of firearms in any of those locations. Transporting firearms in Bucks County using public transportation is not typically an option for people

Firearms are prohibited by anyone except for authorized individuals such as authorized security guards for that particular location and/or police or emergency personnel. In all cases, firearms that are carried in locations involving public transport or transit involve enhanced sentences if a person is caught with the firearm at those locations.

Additionally speaking, if a person commits a crime using such firearm in local transportation hubs such as buses, trains, taxi cabs, anything along those lines, the sentences are aggravated and sentences can exceed even mandatory sentencing for such crimes. If you have been charged with a crime related to transporting firearms in Bucks County, contact a qualified attorney who can build a solid case for you.