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Unlawful Transportation of a Firearm in Bucks County 

Laws regarding firearms can be complicated and often vary from state to state. While the possession and transportation of firearms are allowed, if you do not follow the proper protocol when carrying and transporting your firearm, you are putting the safety of others at risk, as well as putting yourself at risk for arrest. If you have been charged with unlawful transportation of a firearm in Bucks County, retain a qualified Pennsylvania gun lawyer who can work tirelessly to build a solid defense for you.

Legality of Firearm Transportation

Unlawful transportation of a firearm in Bucks County refers to when it is not done so in a manner consistent with lawful firearm purchase, transport, or storage; that is, a firearm, in order to be transferred, must be done so in a manner that is consistent with local rules; if it is another jurisdiction that the gun is going to, the local rules for that jurisdiction - as well as any state and/or federal rules also apply to that firearm.

Firearms can be legal in one location while in other locations they may be illegal. Pennsylvania is consistent across the board with the types of firearms that are legal versus illegal. However, when dealing with cities of the first class such as Philadelphia, local rules of Philadelphia are much more stringent than the rules of the counties.

Concealed Carry

An individual simply cannot possess a firearm on the streets of Philadelphia without a carry permit license; whether the firearm is visible or not, a license is required. In other locations throughout the state, a license is not required so long as the firearm is visible and not concealed.

In most cases, however, when a firearm is concealed on or about a person’s body and/or vehicle, then a felony of the third degree can be charged and an individual can be convicted and can face as much as three and one-half to seven years in jail and a $15,000-fine.

People Not Authorized to Transport Firearms

Simply speaking, individuals who are not otherwise authorized to have the firearm or have purchased an illegal firearm can never transfer that firearm. Common sense dictates if the gun is no good and the person who carries that gun is unlawful or not allowed to because of a prior record and/or mental incapacity based upon drugs, alcohol, or any other means, the person is never authorized to lawfully transport a firearm from one location to another anywhere in Bucks County or any other county in the State of Pennsylvania.

Penalties For Unlawful Transportation

The penalties for unlawful transportation of a firearm in Bucks County, ammunition or attachments for such firearms are the same as the firearm themselves; that is, an individual who transports a firearm unlawfully can face, depending on the type of transport, a felony of the second degree, a felony of the third degree, or a misdemeanor of the first degree. In cases of a felony of the second degree, it is a convicted felon or a person not otherwise authorized because of mental incapacity and/or drug and alcohol abuse that they can face up to 10 years and a $25,000-fine for transport.

Additionally, individuals, even if they are authorized to do so, who transport in an unlawful fashion, meaning concealed on their person or on the vehicle without a license, can face up to seven years in prison and a $15,000-fine. In places such as Philadelphia, an individual carrying a firearm on a street of Philadelphia can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor of the first degree and face as much as five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

If you have been charged with unlawful transportation of a firearm in Pennsylvania, get in touch with an experienced attorney and know that you are in good hands. A qualified gun lawyer can advocate for you and mitigate the penalties that you face.