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Bucks County Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Credit card theft is one of the most common crimes in Bucks County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Modern technology has caused credit card theft to increase dramatically in recent years. Credit card theft is merely the crime of theft,  specifically pointed to credit cards. That is, the theft of a credit card and the attempt to use it without the authorization of the owner is the crime of credit card theft.

Creating a credit card by scheming another’s information or numbers and presenting that to a retailer and/or other location to obtain some sort of benefit, is considered credit card fraud. Simply put, credit card theft involves the use of a credit card belonging to another by one not authorized to do so. Law enforcement takes all versions of this crime seriously. Therefore, if you are facing charges, a Bucks County credit card theft lawyer can guide and advise you throughout the process, as well as build a proper defense.

Common Offenses

The most common offenses and occurrences of credit card theft involve the theft of a credit card and attempting to use the credit card for the benefit of the usurper. Additionally, among  the most common are  fake cards as well as scheming to create cards that duplicate cards that an individual is not otherwise authorized to use in a manner that both makes the card holder and the credit card holder a victim.

Standard of Proof

A prosecutor in prosecuting a credit card theft case should show all the elements of the actual theft. That is, the taking of a credit card or other information to create a credit card and using the credit card in a manner that the person was not authorized to do so.

The prosecution of this particular form of fraud in the local jurisdiction costs the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Because of that, in those cases, courts look severely upon offenders, especially those offenders that may be connected to organized crime or groups that may scheme or create fraudulent cards on a regular basis.

If there is any violence or physical harm associated with such theft, those crimes will also be charged with robbery. However, in most cases, the use of credit cards without the authorization of the genuine owner can often lead to penalties as high as three and a half to seven years in custody and $15,000 fine graded as a felony in the third degree.

Because of the ferocity of the prosecution, as well as the severity of the potential consequences in case of a conviction, a Bucks County credit card theft lawyer can be uniquely helpful.

Working with a Bucks County Attorney

Obtaining a lawyer in Bucks County credit card theft lawyer at the earliest possible stages of an investigation is essential to developing the right defense and working towards mitigating a possible conviction in the future. The authorities will relentlessly search the financial records of the accused. Having a defense attorney working by your side will ensure that no constitutional rights are violated in the process of that pursuit.

With the use of an attorney coming forward and cooperating, the sentences that involve incarceration and large fines can often be reduced to lighter penalties, diversionary programs, and  smaller amounts of time when it comes to probation or incarceration sentences.

With all that in mind, the best course of action when facing charges or the possibility of being charged is to obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County credit card theft lawyer at the earliest possible stage. Such an attorney can help defend you as well as work to mitigate the damages.