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Challenging Bucks County Demerit Points on a License

In many cases, individuals who have been charged with points against their license may attempt to appeal that decision. Having a dedicated lawyer with experience in the demerit points system could give advice regarding their particular situation, allows that individual to come to some sort of conclusion as to whether or not it is a feasible defense.

What Happens After an Appeal is Filed?

Once an appeal is filed, the prosecutor and the defense attorney can hope to resolve the matter in a positive fashion for anyone with points accumulated against her license. However, a trial cannot be heard. It is merely for discussion of the points and the type of appeal filed once the initial 30-day appellate period has run.

Should an individual be convicted of a traffic offense that carries points, they must be must be aware that they have 30 days in which to take an appeal in an attempt to try to minimize the damage caused by the conviction and/or guilty plea.

Should an individual have points against their driver’s license and the individual wishes to try challenging Bucks County demerit points on a license at a later time, an experienced attorney will have the ability to file an appeal with Court of Common Pleas and have the matter re-evaluated by a Court of Common Pleas Judge in Doylestown, which is the county seat of Bucks County.

Expected Timeline to Challenge Demerit Points

The only manner in which an individual can challenge and have points removed from their driver’s license is to challenge the ticket in the first place. Without a conviction, no point offense is given against their license. Once points are given against a license, an individual has 30 days in which to make an attempt at challenging Bucks County demerit points on a license.

After that the appellate rights are very limited and more likely than not any points given against the person’s license will be maintained. Removing points simply means not having them in the first place. Once they are there, it is very difficult to have them taken away outside of a direct appeal.

Likelihood of a Hearing

Under all circumstances where an individual is given a citation that indicates the individual must make a court appearance, the individual should appear with an attorney. The ability to plead guilty is always there, but that may cause points to accumulate in a person’s license. An individual would be wise to request a hearing and retain the services of an experienced Bucks County traffic attorney.

How an Attorney Can Help

Bucks County traffic lawyers can assist an individual in attempting to limit the points against their license that may have been imposed by a lower court. By challenging Bucks County demerit points on a license right away, more likely than not, an individual could either be acquitted of all charges or move for mitigation to attempt to enter a plea to a charge that does not carry points against their license.

In either fashion, having a traffic lawyer by your side is essential. A lawyer can negotiate with the government and the police, and/or argue a trial and challenge probable cause before court. In either case, an individual has the best opportunity of an acquittal or a mitigated sentence.