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Bucks County Driving With a Suspended License Lawyer

There are many reasons that an individual might have their license suspended. A person could have been charged with a DUI, a drug DUI, or maybe a reckless driving offense. Once that license is suspended, it is imperative that people avoid driving. Driving with a suspended license is a serious traffic offense, and could increase the penalties they already face. If you have been charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license, consult a skilled traffic lawyer immediately. A Bucks County driving with a suspended license lawyer could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License Charges

If an individual is pulled over for driving while suspended or with a revoked driver’s license and is charged, these charges or citations carry a minimum one-year suspension of their driver’s license in addition to the suspension or revoked time period already assessed on their driver’s license. What that means is that an individual who already has a suspended driver’s license for one year gets pulled over for speeding, that individual automatically faces up to another full year suspension on their license.

In addition, should that individual do this repeatedly (two or more times), the court will treat them as a habitual offender and they can face up to three additional years license suspension as well as up to 90 days’ incarceration for every future event. Therefore, if a person is stopped while driving and their license is suspended, under all circumstances they should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Bucks County driving with a suspended license lawyer. Only then can they be assured that their rights are being protected and everything will be done in order to protect their driver’s license and any possible incarceration sentence which can be ordered by the magistrate in the District Court.

When Might a Driver Have to Go to Court?

If a person is given citations for driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, they have to appear in court. It will be written on the citation given by police to the individual that a court appearance is necessary, which means that an individual cannot simply pay the fine and accept the suspension or extension of the existing suspension. An individual is required to appear before the court and in some cases, the court may impose incarceration if a person is deemed to be a habitual offender.

Are These Traffic or Criminal Cases?

In most scenarios, driving while suspended or revoked is going to be a traffic offense. However, if an individual is determined to be a habitual offender (an offender who has been given citations for these offenses more than two times), that individual then faces possible incarceration which falls under the realm of traffic or as a summary traffic offense. In that instance, it is recommended that they work with a Bucks County driving with a suspended license lawyer that could defend them.

Prosecution of Driving With a Suspended License Cases

Most driving with suspended license cases in Bucks County are prosecuted by sergeants in the police department and/or assistant district attorneys who are assigned to specific cases. In more serious cases involving habitual offenders, the assistant district attorney will be assigned the matter and prosecute the charges against the individual at the hearings before a magistrate in the District Court in the community where the offense occurred. Additionally, police and/or supervisors, along with sergeants, will be called in to mark and move official Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Records in order for the Commonwealth to meet the elements of their crime.

Potential Penalties

In most cases of driving on a suspended license, the penalties include, but they are not limited to, an additional license suspension on top of the existing suspension through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. In most cases, a person who is driving while on a suspended license faces a minimum of an additional one-year license suspension added onto their existing suspension, as well as up to 90 days’ incarceration, should the individual be determined to be a habitual offender (more than two violations of the same citation). A Bucks County driving with a suspended license lawyer could attempt to mitigate the penalties that an individual may face.

Aggravating Factors

The most aggravating factor involves an individual with multiple abuses of these citations, e.g., an individual whose license is suspended, is caught driving on more than one occasion, and has been given multiple citations at different periods. Those cases aggravate the charges and cause judges to impose up to 90 days incarceration and a one-year additional license suspension. As the individual continues to drive and violate the law, the penalties can raise and the suspensions will be never-ending.

How a Bucks County Driving With a Suspended License Attorney Could Help

Following an arrest for a driving with a suspended license charge it is imperative that you retain the services of a Bucks County driving with a suspended license lawyer. The long-term consequences of a driving while suspended conviction are specific to the individual who is suffering from such consequences. You could lose your livelihood by being unable to drive to work, or face significant fines and costs in the future when attempting to restore your license and privilege to drive. Additionally, individuals will face extended suspensions should new violations occur, as well as the possibility of incarceration if they are determined to be a habitual offender of the citations. Work with a skilled traffic lawyer that understands the impact that these charges could have, and could advocate for you.