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Bucks County License Suspension Defense Strategies

Driving with a suspended license is a criminal offense that could also be aggravated by the charges you already face. Your suspension could be extended which could mean not having access to a car/driving for longer periods of time. If you have been caught driving with a suspended license, you should consult an accomplished driving with a suspended license attorney. Speak with a lawyer that could use determine which Bucks County license suspension defense strategies could yield a positive outcome for you.

Building a License Suspension Defense

Bucks County license suspension defense strategies are not very different from the defense strategies that a lawyer would use when defending other criminal offenses. In most cases, the police still need to establish probable cause for initiating the stop in the first place. That is, the police must have a proper reason for stopping the vehicle and thus finding out whether the individual is licensed or not licensed at the time of driving. The police must also prove that more likely than not, the traffic stop met the requirements under the Pennsylvania Statutes and the case law of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

When challenging motor vehicle stops, experienced attorneys will challenge all reasons for the initial stop by police and, if it is determined by the court to be an invalid stop, everything that follows from that stop such as the citation and information that a person is driving while suspended, will be removed from the case and suppressed as a prosecution element, and thus cannot be charged against the individual. When cases have probable cause, the most likely defense to these charges is working with mitigating factors in an attempt to resolve the matter in a non-trial fashion. The defense attorney will work with the District Attorney and the police in the defendant’s best interest to try to minimize the impact that they would otherwise face with a conviction for these traffic citations.

Mitigating Factors in License Suspension Cases

The types of mitigating factors that come into play in driving with a suspended license offense are often fact specific to a given case. The fact that an individual cooperated fully with police, maybe even before police ran their information, or volunteered this information to the police, and did not try to flee at any time, will come into play. Whether or not the driver was speeding or committing another violation at the time they were pulled over will also affect the outcome.

Both prosecutors and the court will use mitigating factors in trying to reduce a person’s suspension and/or period of incarceration. Occasionally a defense may where the individual’s suspension was over at the time they were pulled over, but the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation may not have updated their information. In this situation, having an experienced defense attorney with the resources and know-how in determining this can help the individual be acquitted of all charges. Mitigation comes with the facts of a particular case, being able to develop a proper mitigation argument in support of a client’s position, that can better aid a client charged with these citations, and getting a better result in their case.

Value of Contacting a Buck County Suspended License Attorney

If you have been charged with a traffic offense, or any offense in Buck County, retain the services of a local traffic attorney to represent you. Resources, knowledge, and experience are foremost in defending Bucks County cases involving driving while suspended and other citations. Knowing the courts, having a relationship with the district attorneys, and positively working with police ensures that an individual that comes before the court charged with these offenses is treated in a fair and amicable fashion. Work with an attorney that could examine the facts of your case and determine which Bucks County license suspension defense strategies work best for you.