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Dynamics of Traffic Violations for Out of State Drivers in Bucks County
In most cases, traffic infractions are the same throughout the entire 50 states. However, this comes up more prominently with commercial vehicles and the type of restrictions placed upon commercial vehicles within a particular state.

Hauling and dumping of material also comes into play when dealing with traffic infractions and these are laws that differ from state-to-state. If the individual is unaware of the dynamics of traffic violations for out of state drivers in Bucks County, they should seek the advice of an experienced traffic attorney prior to traveling in that capacity within the state.

How Being Unaware of Bucks County Traffic Laws Can be a Defense

Being unaware of specific traffic laws associated with the Commonwealth and/or State of Pennsylvania is never a defense in a traffic infraction case. The ignorance of the law, or not knowing the law, is not accepted by courts as an ample defense to an infraction. Merely saying they did not know it was against the law to do this simply does not work in the court of law. If an individual is driving in a state, they are required to review all motor vehicle laws within that state as to how to operate a motor vehicle.

Expected Driving Regulations

All drivers in today’s modern society are required to see and review all traffic speed limits prior to entering certain traffic traveling lanes within the State of Pennsylvania, and within Bucks County. Knowing the speed limits on local highways is essential. All local highways post signs indicating the appropriate mile per hour speed for that particular area. An individual indicating that they did not know the speed limit in a particular area is usually not a defense to speeding.

Understanding Dynamics of Traffic Violations

An attorney can defend an individual and bring to the court’s attention that perhaps a sign was covered by brush or not maintained in a way that it was not visible to the driver who thought they were following the law when in fact they were speeding over the posted sign limit. Any other defenses can be raised by a local attorney who understands how the police work and how the court works.

Therefore, understanding and knowing the speed limit is essential, but a local attorney can bring to the court’s attention that there were obstructions prohibiting the sign to be seen by drivers. Please note that merely all navigational devises today have the required speed limit posted at the bottom of the navigation so that the individual is also fully aware of the speed limit in a particular location.

What Out-of-State Drivers Should Know About Traffic Tickets

The most important thing that all out-of-state drivers should know about dynamics of traffic violations for out of state drivers in Bucks County is that they must respond to an infraction. They simply cannot ignore the fact that they did not receive information in the mail. The burden is upon them and they cannot say that they simply did not know when an answer to a particular citation was due.

For an individual to not retain a local Bucks County lawyer immediately to handle the situation in their behalf can only cost thousands of dollars in trying to repair an individual’s driving record down the road. Therefore, the most serious mistake is not responding and not appropriately dealing with the traffic ticket as its earliest possible stages. After points have been assessed to even an out-of-state driver’s license, it is much more costly and much more difficult to fix at that stage.

How an Attorney Can Help

Bucks County attorneys can enter their appearance upon retention by a particular client and appear in court for that client to negotiate a particular ticket. So long as an attorney is present on behalf of their client and a Commonwealth does not object, an attorney may be all that is necessary to go to a local Magisterial District Court.

In cases where individuals have already been found guilty and are not satisfied with what has occurred, attorneys can then file an appeal in the county seat of Doylestown before the Court of Common Pleas. This appeal will challenge the initial conviction of a traffic offense.

With an appeal, as with the initial traffic offense, local attorneys with knowledge of local prosecution practices can work out details with the District Attorney’s Office in advance so that you are inconvenienced by a trip back to Pennsylvania. Having someone to explain the dynamics of traffic violations for out of state drivers in Bucks County could give you peace of mind.