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Unlicensed Driving in Bucks County

Unlicensed driving in Bucks County could result in expensive fines for the offender. You could also face imprisonment for driving without a driver’s license. Bucks County treats unlicensed driving cases very seriously, which is why you should obtain legal counsel if you have been charged with such an offense. An experienced defense lawyer could guide you through the process and keep your bests interests in mind.

Different Levels of Traffic Offenses

Unlicensed driving in Bucks County is graded in the same fashion as all traffic offenses throughout Pennsylvania. Levels of traffic offenses deal specifically with the points that a person could possibly face on their license and the number of fines and costs that come into play when dealing with certain traffic infractions. The most minimal traffic offenses carry no points and only a very small fine for the traffic ticket.

However, with a significant traffic offense, an individual’s licenses can be suspended for up to three years even on a first offense, carry several points against their future license, and keep a person on restricted driving for up to seven years. In addition, individuals in more serious cases can face up to $5,000 in fines per citation. Therefore, the levels are determined by the point system, which is set up by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The costs of prosecution and the individual fines put on by a specific municipality can add significant costs to any traffic citation, and the local jurisdictions have the ability to add to any charge.

Defining Unlicensed Driving

When a person is caught driving a motor vehicle in Bucks County without a license, the individual is cited for driving without a license. Driving without a license can carry up to $2,500 per occasion, as well as a license suspension which would preclude an individual from applying for and receiving a license in the future for a specified period of time. Should an unlicensed driver be stopped and plead guilty to driving without a license, a one-year license suspension will be imposed upon the individual so that they cannot apply for or be granted a license in Pennsylvania. Thus, the punishment is added at a later time and the consequences of fines and costs are due immediately. In cases where individuals are pulled over driving while unlicensed on multiple occasions, offenders can face up to 90 days incarceration per act and up to $5,000 fine per act.

Expectations for an Unlicensed Driving Charge

Someone charged with unlicensed driving in Bucks County can expect a number of things. If the individual never had a license, they could face penalties in the future as well as fines and costs today.

In cases where individuals have a license and the license is suspended because of a particular action, such as a DUI, serious consequences can also arise. Should a person be convicted of DUI and as a result lose their license for a period of time, and they are pulled over for DUI again while unlicensed, that individual faces a charge known as 1543(b) which carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 90 days incarceration and up to a $5,000 fine per action.

When an individual is stopped while driving without a license or on a suspended license, the consequences are severe, the costs are high, and the necessity of hiring an experienced defense attorney is at the highest level.

Driving Without License in Possession

When an individual is pulled over who is licensed but does not have their license in their possession, a citation for an unlicensed driver can be given. However, in most cases, when an individual provides the accurate license to the police or traffic authorities at the time of their hearing, these charges are often mitigated or dismissed.

In situations where individuals do not have a license, or their license was invalid at that time of the infraction but had since been restored, there is a probability that the charges can also be dismissed and the person then would not face additional penalties, costs, and license suspension.

If you have any questions regarding unlicensed driving in Bucks County, contact a seasoned attorney today.