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Unlicensed Driving Penalties in Bucks County

Unlicensed driving penalties in Bucks County include fines, imprisonment, and other harsh consequences. The penalties for driving a motor vehicle on the streets of Bucks County without a license can carry an additional one-year license suspension in the future when an individual applies for such license to a mandatory fine and cost starting at approximately $1,000 getting as high as $5,000. Also, the person can be categorized as a habitual driver without a license and face up to 90 days incarceration and a $5,000 fine for every future infraction.

If you are facing unlicensed driving penalties in Bucks County, contact an experienced lawyer who could advocate on your behalf and fight to get your charges mitigated.

Expectations of Unlicensed Driving Case

An individual cited with driving without a license citation under 1543(a) and 1543(b) of the Pennsylvania Driver’s Code should expect that their matter could potentially lead to a jail sentence and a significant future license suspension with fines and costs, easily in excess of $1,000. Working to mitigate the possible consequences with the right defense attorney could be the only way to protect an individual cited for such offenses and prevent them from doing jail time. Jail is imposed when a person has been driving or indicated as a habitual driver without a license.

Should a person be charged with a suspension as a result of a criminal act, such as a DUI, and then committed a new criminal act and drive anyway, an additional 90-day suspension can be added onto the end of any other incarceration that a person is facing. Driving without a license is among the most serious of all driving citations in Pennsylvania. This is why it is imperative for someone to obtain the services of an attorney right away if they are facing unlicensed driving penalties in Bucks County.

Unlicensed Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License

Unlicensed driving in Bucks County also includes individuals who may have had a valid license but has since had that valid license suspended. Driving without a valid license because of an unlicensed situation leads to another minimum one-year suspension before they are able to get a valid license. This charge also involves fines between $1,000 and $5,000. If an individual had a lawful license suspended because of a DUI infraction or any other criminal act and subsequently was operating a motor vehicle, then the person faces Section 1543(b) of the Pennsylvania Traffic Act that indicates the person faces a potential 90 days incarceration per act and up to $5,000 fine per act.

How an Attorney Could Help

Driving without a license, whether they never had a license or they had a license and it was suspended, are both treated very serious by the courts. Unlicensed driving penalties in Bucks County are severe and are treated as such by the courts, which is why you should hire an accomplished defense lawyer if you are facing such charges. An attorney could gather the facts of your case and negotiate with the prosecutors to see if the charges could be mitigated. Call today to schedule a consultation.