Chester County Forgery Lawyer

As defined by Chester County law, the crime of forgery is a crime that involves a number of other offenses which incorporate the crime specifically. Forgery is defined as an individual signing, either individually or electronically, a document for presentment which they are not otherwise authorized to do so.

To better understand the elements associated with the charge, it is important to contact a Chester County forgery lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced fraud attorney in Chester County can build a defense to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

Elements of the Charge

Preparing fraudulent documents and presenting those documents even in the monetary sense, such as money or payment, can lead to forgery charges even without a signature. In these cases, an individual is merely presenting instruments of monetary items to a personal or commercial institution, and seeking monies which they are not otherwise authorized to seek.

Further, the crime of forgery involves the crime of theft, as in the attempt to take items from a commercial establishment, the crime of receiving stolen property an individual knows, or should know are stolen, and the crimes more specifically associated with the type of forgery such as check fraud or credit card fraud.

To best defend against any part of a crime, an individual should consult with a Chester County fraud attorney immediately.

Examples of Forgery

Some of the most common examples of fraud charges that involve the crime of forgery involve items that a person would carry on them on a daily basis. An individual signing the back of a credit card that they are not authorized to use, and an individual presenting such credit card for use at a cashier and signing that document is a good example.

Also, an individual using another’s bank account information to prepare a credit card or checkbook, or presenting a check they do not have a right to do so is consistent with forgery.

Presenting documents that are otherwise instruments used by the Commonwealth or government, instruments such as land deeds or other formal documents, can often be forged or changed. In these cases, it is the mere presentment of such documents by a person who knew, or should have known, that the documents were forged that leads to the prosecution of that person. Such allegations can be defended using a forgery lawyer in Chester County.

Contacting an Attorney

When facing an investigation of forgery or forgery-type charges, it is essential that an individual reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Chester County forgery attorney at the earliest possible time.

In cases involving signatures, a forgery lawyer in Chester County can protect an individual charged with the crime from making a signature which can later be linked up to a potential instrument that can be used against them. Additionally, any statements made by the individual can be made through an attorney.

When an individual makes a statement directly to police or investigators, that individual’s statement is often used against them at a later time. However, when an attorney, on behalf of the client, makes a statement, that statement is not coming from the client, but the attorney. This statement cannot otherwise be used against them.

Forgery crimes are intensive investigation crimes; that is, the police or attorney general’s office must conduct many interviews in order to determine what exactly occurred. If a single break in the chain can be found, an individual charged with a forgery-type crime may otherwise be acquitted of all charges and, in some cases, not even lead to an arrest.