Chester County Sex Crimes Lawyer

A sex crime is any crime against an adult and/or child that includes some sort of solicitation for some sort of sexual behavior or sexual act that has been deemed unwarranted and improper by the legislature in Pennsylvania. A sex act can be anything, whether or not consent is involved. Certain familiar connections can cause an individual to break the law.

Additionally, merely obtaining the consent of a minor is not a defense to many sex acts in Pennsylvania. For example, if an individual has or performs some sort of sexual activity with an individual 16 years or younger and is four or more years older, consent cannot be used as a defense.

Therefore, sex crimes are very serious in Chester County, which is why it is so important to contact a Chester County sex crimes lawyer. A defense lawyer can help immensely with a person’s case and with building a strong defense.


Once charges are filed, it is understood that even if an acquittal comes out of the case, a person often will be ridiculed by society, embarrassed by the charges, and could lose their ability to be employed and to even live in particular areas. Additionally, the sentencing of these crimes is harsh.  Therefore, getting a Chester County sex crimes attorney involved at the beginning is the most important step in getting the best representation and having the most minimal harm that can be put forward with any alleged sex act.

Protecting Your Rights

Only while working with an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Chester County can a person fully appreciate the necessary requirements to protecting their rights.

Statements made by a person can be harmful at the outset, especially given that the police have already investigated the matter and have looked for some sort of corroboration from the defendant. A simple question involving where a particular person was and how they know a person, although it sounds simple and cooperative, can make the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict at a later time.

Police are strategic in investigating these crimes and know what they are trying to seek. However, an individual, often who has never been charged with the crime before, does not know how to participate with police and does not feel that they did anything wrong. The police know the laws very well, so the only way to even the playing field is to obtain the services of an experienced Chester County sex crimes lawyer. Only then can a person feel that everything possible is being done to try to avoid this embarrassment and serious crime that would otherwise be charged.

Importance of an Attorney

Without the help of an attorney from the outset, any sort of statement about the charges that an individual makes can and will be used against them. These are the types of allegations that from the outset a person may want to out-and-out deny; however, even a denial by that person can hurt at a trial at a later time.

Therefore, if the police are involved in any sort of outstanding allegation that a sexual act may or may not have occurred, whether it was consensual or not, an individual needs to seek out the services of a sex crimes attorney in Chester County. Only then can an individual feel that their rights will be protected since any statements they make will be made through their attorney, and thus, not used against them.