Unique Aspects of Sex Crimes Charges in Chester County

Sex crime cases are investigated in a very thorough, methodological manner by police detectives, special crimes units, and district attorneys. All of these investigating parties deal with almost all cases of abuse, including both physical and sexual abuse cases. Multiple individuals will often interview alleged victims and judge their credibility.

Multiple agencies, such as Children and Youth Services and the Department of Human Services, are often involved and may even videotape conversations with any alleged victims. Additionally, medical experts are often called upon to review medical records and to examine any alleged victims.

Chester County has many different agencies to aid an alleged victim and to help in the prosecution of sexual offenses, making it difficult for an individual charged with such a crime to successfully defend himself or herself. It is, therefore, essential that any individual who is the subject of a criminal investigation involving a sex crime seek out the services of an experienced Chester County sex crimes lawyer. Such an attorney can provide essential assistance and experience in navigating the complex dynamics of a sex crime case, and in working to defend against the biases inherent in the nature of the court.

Differences from Other Charges

Any individual who is facing sex crime charges in Chester Country will likely face a number of factors that do not come into play in other types of cases. First and foremost, sex crimes have a very public nature that often involves negative social consequences, such as public humiliation. Unlike other charges, sex crime charges often involve considerable bias against and malice toward the individual charged.

Additionally, sex crime charges are investigated much more thoroughly than are charges for many other types of crimes. Police will generally subject an individual to many tests and interrogations in order to find evidence or achieve testimony indicating that he or she committed the crimes with which he or she is charged. In this way, investigating entities often work to protect the alleged victim to an extent not typically matched in investigations for other crimes.

Because of this, investigating entities often have available and utilize a vast amount of resources when investigating sex crime cases. When dealing with a Chester Country sex crimes case, prosecutors and police work hand-in-hand from the beginning to attempt to prove the story of the alleged victim, often using considerable resources to do so. In attempting at all times to show that the alleged crime took place, investigators focus on the account of the alleged victim, rather than the innocence of the accused.

Role of an Attorney

Any lawyer who represents an individual alleged to have committed a sex crime must be available at almost all times to represent that individual, as he or she must be present any time police or other investigating entities attempt to interrogate or take statements from him or her. Any statements made by or on the behalf of the individual accused of committing the crime can be very harmful to the case’s defense. Therefore, one of an attorney’s most important roles in sex crimes cases is being present in order to control his or her client’s actions and statements.

While this may sound like an exaggeration, it is important to note that individuals who have been accused of committing crimes often do not know and have not been trained in the law. More importantly, such individuals do not understand the basis for allegations of sexual assault. Therefore, it is of considerable importance that these individuals are represented by attorneys who can reach out to and work with authorities. Moreover, experienced attorneys can ensure that all available defense are raised and sentencing issues can be attacked.

Value of Trust

As with any case, it is essential that an attorney and his or her client have mutual trust in a sex crime case. A relationship between an attorney and a client cannot exist without such trust. The client must feel confident and comfortable in reaching out to his or her attorney at all times. The attorney must be able to trust that his or her client will relate the details of the alleged incident and of the particular case. Such trust and comfort works to ensure that the appropriate and adequate defense strategy is achieved.

It is essential that the client feels as though he or she is receiving the right representation and the right results. The bond between an attorney and his or her client is of primary importance in working towards both of these aims.