Chester County Stalking Charges

Stalking is a criminal offense that involves the harassment of others which includes behaviors like watching, following, or harassing others on a regular basis. In Chester County, like the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an individual can be charged with stalking as a misdemeanor and/or certain offenses which can often be treated as a felony if it is over a continuing course of conduct. If you face Chester County stalking charges, speak with a capable defense attorney. A qualified lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Common Stalking Scenarios

Chester County stalking talking charges are most prevalent in domestic abuse-type cases, such as when a former lover is following an individual to determine whether or not they have a new person in their lives. In those cases, the courts often acquit the stalking charge to a type of assault in a domestic manner.

Stalking-Related Charges

Charges such as protection from abuse and violence as well as contempt of court often follow stalking charges. Stalking charges are very serious in that, once charged, they are the type of crime that even if convicted at a misdemeanor level can affect a person’s livelihood and/or future reputation.

Therefore, if a person suspects that they could potentially be the subject of Chester County stalking charges, that person should reach out and obtain an experienced stalking attorney at the earliest possible time. Only then can they be assured that an attorney is working with authorities and in some cases, they could have charges mitigated before they are filed in court.

False Accusations in Stalking Cases

While stalking is quite serious-sounding, it often involves the type of case where one person may just be accusing another person to get back or get even for a past transgression.   The best way for a defendant to defend themselves against a false charge is to seek out an experienced attorney.

In some stalking circumstances, even the complainant is given an attorney because Fifth Amendment issues are present and often arise from situations where either party may not be telling the truth. Therefore, when a person suspects that they are the subject of a stalking investigation and/or have the possibility of having to deal with one, that person should reach out and obtain the services of an experienced Chester County stalking lawyer in the stalking area. An experienced legal advocate could help construct a solid defense for the defendant.

Value of a Chester County Stalking Attorney

Stalking is a criminal offense and should always be handled with caution and care. A stalking conviction can lead to loss of employment, the inability to obtain any firearm, the inability to pass any state and/or local background checks and, in some cases, the inability to even attend children school functions. Chester County stalking charges are serious and, regardless of whether they are true or not, should be dealt with in a serious fashion by a stalking lawyer. Work with a capable stalking attorney that could fight tirelessly to defend you.