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Chester County Carjacking Lawyer

Carjacking involves the unlawful taking of an automobile by a person with any amount of force either threatened and/or used. It is a serious crime that carries serious penalties. The charge of carjacking involves robbery as well as theft of a specific motor vehicle and as such an individual should reach out to a Chester County carjacking attorney as soon as possible to their discuss charges. They should expect a detailed consultation with their experienced theft attorney and a serious conversation involving the repercussions of a conviction for carjacking and similar charges they may face, as well as potential defenses.

Elements of Carjacking

The charge of carjacking in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and particularly Chester County, involves a number of charges all of which should be taken seriously. First and foremost, the crime of carjacking encompasses all the elements of a particular robbery charge. Carjacking involves the robbery or attempted robbery of a motor vehicle by another with the intent to permanently deprive another of such automobile and force, use or threatened in any sort of fashion, no matter how slight or how serious. Carjacking involves the taking or attempted taking of an automobile by another with the intent to permanently deprive another of it with the use of force.

It is the type of crime that courts often treat most harshly when it comes to imposing sentences and penalties. Some of an individual’s strongest liberties involve operating a motor vehicle free and clear without the threat of attack and/or theft. Carjacking takes this to another level. It is the court’s position and the District Attorney’s position of Chester County to defend vehemently any sort of attack against an individual and his or her automobile especially with the use of force. That is the origin of the carjacking charge and that is how the courts ultimately deal with such an offense.

Law Enforcement Treatment

In Chester County, the crime of carjacking is the type of crime that is taken extremely seriously by the courts and/or prosecution. It is a crime that involves two areas. First, an automobile is being taken by force. Secondly, an individual is taking it with the intent to permanently deprive it of another lawful owner. It is a type of crime that Chester County law enforcement does not want to encourage and views as an extremely violent type of crime and prosecute harshly.

Additionally, carjacking is treated as a first strike in Pennsylvania. This means should an individual be charged and convicted of a felony of a first degree then should the individual face another felony at a later date, they could potentially face a second strike or a 10 to 20 years sentence or third strike carrying 25 years to life. A carjacking cannot be taken lightly. When charged with carjacking, whether accurate or inaccurate, it is essential to have the right lawyer advise an individual at the earliest possible opportunity. Even taking probation, if graded as a felony of the degree, carjacking can be harmful and insurmountable in the future should a person ever be convicted of anything else. Knowledge, resources, and having a carjacking attorney in Chester County are essential in building a successful defense for carjacking charges in Chester County.

Contacting an Attorney

When charged or accused of carjacking, an individual should immediately reach out and obtain the services of a Chester County carjacking attorney. That is the best way to ensure that any possible defenses can be raised and the best possible outcome can be achieved and perhaps even a matter can lead to an acquittal or a plea and/or plea bargain which is acceptable to all parties and therefore a person’s rights can be protected.

Carjacking is the type of crime that involves serious elements and can carry periods of incarceration, probation, as well as thousands of dollars in fines and costs. Reaching out at the earliest stage in obtaining a carjacking lawyer in Chester County to defend a such an allegation is the best way to attempt to mitigate any possible future consequences or charges. Obtaining an experienced Chester County serious felony criminal defense attorney is essential.