Chester County Traffic Lawyer

Examples of traffic offenses include careless driving, reckless driving, failure to provide proof of insurance, and other similar violations. Traffic offenses include any offenses involving motor vehicle registration and licensing, and motor vehicle operation. Parking tickets are not considered traffic offenses and are handled separately.

When an individual is charged with a traffic offense, points may be assessed to their driver’s record. When aggregated, such points can result in potential consequences such as license suspension or increased insurance. Certain traffic offense charges may also carry additional sentences, including fines and possible incarceration. In order to mitigate these penalties as much as possible, it is important to seek the assistance of a Chester County traffic lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced defense attorney can help by advising you of the necessary steps to take for a defense.

Serious Traffic Infractions

Some of the most common and serious traffic offenses throughout Chester County are those offenses that carry points that add to an individual’s record as well as affect their license. Examples of such offenses are those involving passing a school bus illegally, failing to stop for emergency vehicles, operating a motor vehicle with improper registration and insurance, excessive speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, and anything that endangers the welfare of others on the road and pedestrians on the street. These offenses will be taken most seriously in court, thereby making it important that a traffic lawyer in Chester County is consulted.

It is important to understand that certain charges are associated with possible incarceration sentences upon conviction. Should an individual whose license has been suspended for driving under the influence be caught during that suspension, they may be charged under certain sections of the motor vehicle code, and those charges may result in 30, 60, or 90 days of a mandatory minimum sentencing.

Role of an Attorney

The role of an experienced criminal and/or traffic attorney in challenging a traffic infraction comes into play at almost all levels. Primarily, an individual may be stopped for apparently no reason or less than probable cause. An experienced traffic attorney has the ability to challenge the reasonable suspicion and probable cause for the initial stop.

If the initial stop by police is questioned and they do not reach the level required by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, all evidence obtained, including the traffic violation itself, are dismissed by the court with prejudice. Thereby, challenging the initial stop is essential, and having the right lawyer by a person’s side with the appropriate knowledge is essential.

Challenging a particular ticket can sometimes be an issue. Officers do not always provide the correct information on the ticket and/or time, date or place, and thus, a traffic attorney has the ability to have a ticket dismissed, based on inconsistencies and omissions, even before a hearing. Any impropriety with the ticket, then the matter may be dismissed.

In most cases, even the most serious of traffic infractions can be reduced in a fashion that is amicable to all parties and is essential to preserving a person’s ability to drive their vehicle lawfully.

Benefits of An Attorney

A Chester County traffic lawyer can be of immediate help as soon as a traffic citation has been issued. Once an individual is charged with, or given a citation for a traffic violation, they must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty within 10 days. Should they not respond to their charge or citation, a warrant for their arrest may be issued or certain fines may be imposed. If either occurs, they may also lose the right to appeal. A traffic attorney will be essential in letting their client know the procedure and immediacy of their charge.

Given the short time period in which an individual must respond to a traffic violation citation or charge, and the potential lasting consequences of such a violation, an individual who has been charged with a traffic violation should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Only an experienced traffic attorney in Chester County can work to ensure that such a violation has only a minimal impact on that person’s license, insurance, record, and livelihood. The right attorney can work towards a favorable resolution, saving costs and preventing significant consequences.