Chester County Traffic Infractions

Chester County traffic infractions are typically treated in a harsh manner by the courts. Charges such as careless driving, reckless driving, and speeding in excess of ten miles an hour over the speed limit can cause an individual to lose their license and face severe civil and/or other penalties associated with insurance and registration in Pennsylvania.

In Chester County, police are known to work specific roadblocks for both traffic and criminal offenses as well as patrol particular areas in question and in order to control the types of traffic citations that are permissible. Chester County treats some traffic offenses more serious than others, therefore, it can be critical to seek legal advice from a distinguished traffic lawyer right away.

Common Traffic Violation Offenses

Most Chester County traffic infractions are graded as summary offenses, even the most serious such as reckless driving and/or careless driving along with drag racing. There are specific cases where a traffic offense can be and is charged as a misdemeanor and treated even more severely. For example, should reckless driving or drag racing lead to an individual pedestrian being struck as a result, charges such as aggravated assault by a motor vehicle, manslaughter and other serious charges can often be added to traffic offenses.

If an individual is driving while DUI-suspended, that is, the individual has been convicted of DUI previously and their license is currently in a state of suspension because of DUI and they are charged with a DUI again, they will be charged with a crime of 1543(b) that is driving while DUI-suspended.

That crime, although it is a summary offense, carries a minimum sentence of 90 days’ incarceration. Therefore, when charged with such a crime, it is highly recommended and courts will even advice individuals to seek out the services of an attorney. When mandatory sentences apply to any traffic offense, it is essential to have the right lawyer by your side.

Classifying Penalties for Reckless Driving Behavior

Other offenses such as drag racing or such recklessness always carry over into misdemeanor and/or the criminal felony range. These are the types of charges that may have started as a traffic violation but ultimately ended with an individual being injured. Driving under the influence, while in some states is considered a traffic offense, in Pennsylvania, like Chester County, Pennsylvania, it is always charged as a criminal offense.

Therefore, an individual charged with driving under the influence in Chester County will always be charged with a misdemeanor one or a misdemeanor two depending on the number of previous DUIs and the amount of drugs and/or alcohol in a particular person’s system.

License Suspension as a Result of Chester County Traffic Infractions

An individual who may have been facing a license suspension can often plead to reduce charges to an offense which carries no such suspension whatsoever. Fines up to $5,000 or more can often be reduced to nominal fines with a promise not to commit such an offense in the future. For serious offenses, it is almost always necessary that an individual seek out the services of an experienced Chester County traffic defense attorney. Only then can an individual be assured that all possible measures to minimalize what would otherwise be a severe traffic infraction will take place.

Risk of Defending Traffic Violations Without an Attorney

All cases, regardless of Chester County traffic infractions, is subject to the minimum mandatory sentencing and can serve up to one to five years in state incarceration for any third-offense. Taking traffic cases lightly whether charged solely as a summary offense, as a misdemeanor offense or even as a felony offense is not recommended and could potentially lead to serious consequences. Seeking out the services of a traffic lawyer can be beneficial to ensure that your rights will be protected and providing any chance of a disposition less than any mandatory civil fine and/or avoiding an incarceration sentence.