Misdemeanor Charges in Chester County

Misdemeanors often impact an individual’s record and/or ability to obtain and keep employment in the same way as felonies. While misdemeanors on the books may carry lesser sentences, the impact upon a person’s future is almost identical to that of a felony. Therefore, it is essential that even an individual who has been charged with a mere misdemeanor seeks out the services of experienced Chester County criminal defense attorney in order to receive the best representation and obtain the best result.

However, it is important to note that, when dealing with felony charges in Chester County, prosecutors often have even more resources and harsher penalties with which to work. Felonies are categorized as more serious offenses and may carry the possibility of incarceration sentences. Therefore, an individual who does not have an experienced Chester County criminal defense attorney by his or her side when facing allegations of felony charges is at a substantial loss.

When felony charges are involved, an individual should be represented at all times. In fact, prosecutors have the police, thousands of dollars in resources, and many of the court’s own resources at their disposal in order to help their case. All an accused has is the lawyer standing behind him or her, the experience of that attorney, and, often, the truth of the matter. Therefore, the assistance of an experienced attorney helps to assure that an individual charged with a felony and/or misdemeanor in Chester County receives the fairest results in a matter of utmost importance.

Long-Term Consequences

In Chester County, Pennsylvania, a long-term consequence of a misdemeanor conviction is that such a conviction cannot be expunged from an individual’s record. Therefore, once an individual is charged with and convicted of a misdemeanor in Chester County, that individual can no longer have that charge taken off his or her record. Because of this, employment opportunities, contractual opportunities, and even personal embarrassment come into play.

It is thus essential that any individual who has been charged with a misdemeanor in Chester County have an experienced, local criminal defense attorney by his or her side in order to have the benefit of every option to obtain a result that will ultimately lead to his or her record being cleared of any charges. Without such assurance, an individual cannot be certain that an employer, or any other societal organization, will not use the conviction against him or her.

Security Clearances and Background Checks

When a background check is run on an individual, any previous convictions or arrests will generally be returned. Because of this, many misdemeanor convictions will impact an individual’s ability to successfully pass a background check to be approved for certain permits and his or her ability to remain employed in or seek new employment in particular jobs.

It is also important to note that even convictions for misdemeanors can negatively impact an individual’s ability to secure certain opportunities. An individual who has been charged with a misdemeanor of any type should take such charges seriously. If he or she does not, they could suffer long past the end of the probationary period for the misdemeanor offense itself.

Thus, an individual should do everything in his or her power to avoid a conviction for even a misdemeanor in Chester County as this is the only way to assure that such a conviction does not prevent him or her from future or current employment matters or societal connections.