Delaware County Drug Lawyer

A Delaware County drug lawyer can provide representation to you if you have been accused of a crime involving a controlled substance. Pennsylvania law restricts the possession, sale, and manufacture of many narcotics. Being accused of violating a law related to controlled substances can sometimes lead to jail time and leave you with a criminal record that affects your future. Get help from a drug lawyer in Delaware County so you can respond proactively and strategically if you have been accused of any drug offense.

How a Delaware County Drug Lawyer Can Help

A Delaware County drug lawyer can assist you from the time of your arrest until your involvement with the criminal justice system is over. Your attorney will fight for you every step of the way to protect your rights and try to help you avoid or minimize penalties.

drug lawyer in pennsylvaniaWith drug crimes, your best response is going to depend upon the nature of evidence the prosecutor has; the kind of substance you are accused of having; and the specifics of the charges you face.  You may be able to defend yourself by claiming entrapment or insufficient proof of possession. You may even be able to get charges dropped or a case dismissed before the case goes to court if the drugs were found as part of an illegal search.

To know how to respond to charges, you need to understand the law and apply it to your case. A Delaware County drug lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to do just that so you can respond in a smart way to the accusations that a drug offense was committed.

Drug Crimes Laws in Delaware County

The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act describes the different schedules of drugs that are subject to state control in Pennsylvania.  There are five different schedules, with Schedule I substances having no medicinal purpose and considered to be highly addictive or dangerous.  LSD and Peyote are two examples of Schedule I drugs. By contrast, Schedule V drugs have an accepted medical use and have limited risk of psychical or psychological dependency.

A defendant could be charged with a drug crime for:

  • Manufacture of controlled substance.
  • Intent to sell or delivery of controlled substances
  • Causing the sale of controlled substances
  • Acquiring controlled substances through fraud or misrepresentation

The amount of controlled substances a defendant possesses determines the charges.  A prosecutor could press charges for intent to sell even without proof of any efforts to sell drugs based solely on the amount of drugs under a defendant’s control. Equipment used to manufacture drugs, or drugs packaged in a way that suggests they will be sold, can also be used as evidence to bring more serious charges.

A Delaware county drug lawyer can help determine what potential penalties can result if convicted of a particular charge. In some cases, it is possible to get charges reduced through a plea deal.

Getting Help from a Delaware County Drug Lawyer

You deserve an advocate to help you defend yourself if you were accused of a drug crime. Call an attorney today for help responding to charges and deciding on how best to handle your case.