Delaware County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

In Delaware County, conspiracy is considered a serious offense. A conspiracy is a separate offense and an individual may be convicted of conspiracy even if no other crime ever occurred.

If you have been accused of planning a criminal offense, it is best to reach out to a Delaware County drug conspiracy lawyer. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer could collect evidence to exploit all available defense options and help you reach a positive outcome.

Understanding the Charge of Conspiracy

Conspiracy is a unique crime because an individual can be punished primarily for bad intentions. A person may be found guilty of conspiracy if they agree with another person to undertake some type of illegal act, everyone involved knew about the act and planned to participate, and at least one person took a step toward completion of the act. Criminal conspiracy is defined in 18 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §903, which describes the required step toward completion as an “overt act.”

Someone may be convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime even if the crime never takes place – the act of agreement and one step in furtherance of the crime is enough to make everyone involved guilty of conspiracy. It does not matter who took action toward completion of the crime or how minor that action was. Everyone who was part of the agreement is considered equally guilty under the law.

Police may charge conspiracy against minor players in a scheme to encourage them to provide information about others involved. An experienced Delaware County drug conspiracy lawyer could review the facts of the case and build a defense.

Penalties for Conspiracy Involving Narcotics

Everyone involved in a drug conspiracy faces the same potential sentence, regardless of the level of involvement. The severity of penalties in drug conspiracy cases varies depending on the circumstances. A skilled drug conspiracy lawyer in Delaware County could try to present the situation in the most favorable light to reduce potential consequences.

The type of drug involved, and the quantity can determine the length of sentence and amount of fines that may be imposed. Conspiracy involving the manufacture or distribution of a designer drug, for instance, could be treated as a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. Often, conspiracy is penalized as severely as the crime the conspirators allegedly planned to commit.

Defenses to Conspiracy

It is not a defense to show that the planned crime did not occur. However, if someone who conspired to commit a crime regretted the act and took affirmative steps to thwart completion of the unlawful ac, then those actions do constitute a defense to conspiracy.

A knowledgeable drug conspiracy lawyer in Delaware County could search for evidence to prove that an accused conspirator renounced criminal intent and thwarted the success of the crime. An attorney may also be able to show that an alleged conspirator was unaware of the nature of the acts proposed or did not voluntarily consent to participate.

Consult a Delaware County Drug Conspiracy Attorney

Conspiracy charges can have a long reach and may be applied to individuals with no genuine connection to criminal activity. However, regardless of the tenuous nature of an accusation, it is wise to take any allegations seriously because so much is at stake.

A Delaware County drug conspiracy lawyer could protect your rights and work to minimize any negative impact from the charges. The best time to collect evidence to build a solid defense is right after the event leading to the charges, so it is often beneficial to begin working with an attorney right away. Call today to get started building your defense.