Delaware County Theft Lawyer

Contact a Delaware County theft lawyer as soon as you are under investigation for any theft offense.  Your attorney can help you to explore your options for defending yourself and will work hard to fight for you to get a not guilty verdict or to reduce the possible consequences of conviction. Call today to get in contact with a criminal attorney in Delaware County.

A Delaware County Theft Lawyer Makes a Difference

After being accused of theft, you need to decide how to plead. If you want to plead not guilty, your attorney will help you to raise defenses or to try to introduce reasonable doubt into the prosecutor’s case against you. There are many defenses, including claiming lack of intent to take items or claiming you were a rightful owner of the property that you have been accused of taking. Unless a prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed theft, you should not be found guilty.

A theft lawyer in Delaware County can also talk to a prosecutor on your behalf about a plea agreement, or can explore possibilities for avoiding a criminal record through deferred sentencing programs. Many people are accused of theft after minor shoplifting offenses and you should not let this accusation affect your future by leaving you with a criminal record. As soon as you call an attorney, your lawyer can start fighting to protect your freedom and your reputation.

Theft Crimes in Delaware County

There are many different theft offenses prohibited by Pennsylvania law including:

  • Shoplifting, including changing tags on products (Code Section 3929)
  • Unlawfully carrying or taking away property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of its value (Pennsylvania Code Section 3921)
  • Using deception or false impressions to unlawfully obtain something of value (Code Section 3922)
  • Using extortion to unlawfully obtain property (Code Section 3923)
  • Taking mis-delivered or lost property without making a reasonable attempt to return it (Code Section 3925)

Penalties are determined based on the value of the items involved in the theft.  Charges can range from a third degree misdemeanor for theft of items less than $50 to a first degree felony for theft of items valued at $500,000 or more.

In many cases, a defendant can be charged with theft even without successfully taking any items. An attempt to deprive the rightful owner of the value is sufficient for a prosecutor to bring charges.

An attorney can provide you with information on what types of penalties you are at risk for based on your charges.  Your attorney can also help you to try to reduce the penalties you could face by disputing the value of the items allegedly stolen or by negotiating with the prosecutor to change you with a lesser offense.

Contact a Theft Lawyer in Delaware County

You have the right to a lawyer when accused of a crime. You deserve to be represented by a Delaware County theft lawyer with experience handling theft cases who can help you decide how best to approach your charges. To learn more, contact an attorney today for help with your case.