Delaware County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery in Delaware County (inclusive of the entire state of Pennsylvania) is defined as a theft with some sort of force used during the commission of the theft. Robbery is legally defined as theft from a person or one individual attempting to take something from another individual without permission. As a Delaware County robbery lawyer knows, robbing someone is considered theft with the intent to permanently deprive the individual owner of their property. Therefore, if you are facing these charges it can be critical to discuss your case with a distinguished theft attorney right away.

What is Robbery?

When dealing with robbery in Delaware County, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, certain elements specifically related to robbery. The specific elements of the crime of robbery involve the taking of something from a person by another person (not authorized to do so) and the threat or actual harm in a physical manner during such theft, e.g., the crime of theft, compounded with the assaultive aggressiveness is what the elements of robbery themselves are charged. Depending on the threat itself, the injuries, or attempt to cause serious bodily injuries, robbery can be graded as high as a felony of the first degree, carrying as much as 20 years in jail and a $25,000 fine per count.

What Happens if Force is Used in Theft?

When force is used during the commission of a theft:

  • Force during a retail theft as a person is trying to get away, like a security guard
  • Force on the street when one individual uses force or harm to take something from another individual
  • Threat of harm or violence when committing a robbery elevates what would otherwise be a lower misdemeanor (theft) to at minimum of felony of third degree (robbery), and a maximum felony of first degree.

A robbery offense is considered a threat or aggression compounded with a theft that often leads the courts impose a large amount of incarceration time, thousands of dollars in fines and costs, and long periods of probation for any conviction for robbery in Delaware County.

Robbery Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

Robbery in Delaware County, is always charged at a minimum as a felony of the third degree with a maximum of a felony of the first degree. There are no misdemeanor robberies in Pennsylvania. If an individual charged and convicted of robbery faces a lifetime record of having a felony.

A felony conviction can ruin a person’s future and immediately place them behind bars. Fighting a robbery charge is essential. If a person is charged with robbery in Delaware County, it is essential that they reach out and obtain the services of a Delaware County robbery lawyer as soon as possible.

Reasons to Contact a Theft Attorney

Being charged with robbery in Delaware County is a serious offense. It is one of those offenses that the courts take very seriously and often can impose large incarceration sentences and long periods of probation. Having a robbery conviction on a person’s record can prevent them from ever having a trusted reputation and/or employment opportunities in the future.

A Delaware County robbery lawyer could help try to disprove that you have threatened bodily injury or serious bodily injury or sustain a serious bodily injury during the commission of a theft. In either case, robbery is perceived by the courts as one of the most aggravated crimes a person can be charged with and, upon conviction, an individual should expect a long incarceration sentence.